what i wore

May 27, 2013

Outfit Details:
Top - Club Monaco
Skirt - H&M
Olivia Bib Necklace - Stella & Dot
Heels - Aldo Shoes (similar)

Perhaps it's our glorious weather or the new blog?... I've been loving getting dressed and coming up with outfits again. Looking back, it makes sense why I needed to take a break from fashion; when I was in the thick of it with my health problems, fashion was definitley the last thing on my mind. Anyway, it feels great to be back and having fun with what I love!

As for today, we're going a little more dressy on the blog. I wore this for Martin's birthday Thai lunch. I'll be doing a fun post on that later this week. This skirt has been with me for a few seasons now and I absolutely adore it. I love wearing it with a tank & sandals for easy weekends or going for something a little dressier as I did here. Also, happy memorial day to my US readers. Hope you're having an amazing long weekend.

xo veronika

25 sweet notes:

  1. This is such a lovely outfit and perfect for the birthday lunch - you look wonderful!

    Courtney ~ http://sartorialsidelines.com

  2. Replies
    1. Yes, definitley! I have still have my up & down days but overall things are really starting to settle. Thank you for asking! xo

  3. That skirt is beautiful and love it paired with that S&D necklace!


  4. i know that feeling - of not wanting to get dressed in something nice for so long and then coming out of the funk and finding your closet fresh and fun again! i do that with make-up. :) you look gorgeous
    kw ladies in navy

  5. Just found your blog via Pinterest, Veronika. You are stunning. xx

  6. I love floral skirts and this is without doubt one of my favorite classy outfits, so elegant and not overstated. Glad I found your blog :)

  7. Beautiful, Veronika!
    I'm so glad to hear that you're feeling better & inspired by fashion again. It's such a treat to see what you have to share :)
    Have a lovey day!

  8. Such a pretty skirt, love how your paired it with the black :)

    Carina xx

  9. Such a lovely outfit, V! I'm loving how you paired your pretty patterned skirt with a classic black top - it really allows the floral print to jump right out of the photos! So glad to hear you're feeling better and getting back into fashion again, I always love seeing your outfits :)

  10. as i anticipate the phone to ring and a long awaited chat with beautiful YOU! i can admire this lovely look and think about springtime blooms while the rain pours down outside. ergggg! oh well, at least we know we're in for some stellar sunshine again very soon :)

    V, you look positively aglow here!! the S&D necklace adds amazing pizazz and your gorgeous smile continues to wow as always. glad to hear that outfit insp has hit you up again and this combo is wizard for real.

    happs to Martin (belated), Thai celebrations sound very yum delum!! xo ♥

  11. Totally adore your skirt. So fun and feminine. You look lovely! Hope you're doing well.

  12. I hope it's not weird to say but you're looking really well - not that you haven't look lovely in previous posts (because you do,really) but in this one particular you look like so glowy and there's lots of energy in your smile! Glad to hear you're beginning to feel better.

    Ps I really like your black top - simple but there's nothing nicer than something so fitting with 3/4 sleeves, especially with a bright skirt like this!

    Flora x

  13. You look beautiful V! Love the Stella & Dot necklace with this outfit ,It's the perfect pop of color!!!

  14. I agree with the others - you look especially glowing here! The top and skirt are perfect together, and the colorful necklace is the perfect accessory. So glad you've been feeling well lady! xo

  15. You look amazing! The skirt & necklace are gorgeous. I had a lovely Memorial Day weekend, thanks for the well wishes.


    xo Molly

  16. Can't wait to hear about the birthday date. You look amazing in these pics.

  17. You look absolutely stunning!! I love that floral skirt and beautiful necklace. PS I checked out your new easy shop (from your twitter) and I love your pieces! You are so talented girl. I work for a company that manufactures fine jewelry (its like crowd sourcing jewelry - designers submit designs, community votes, the company manufactures) so all I am saying is we should talk!! LOL xo

  18. So pretty! That skirt is perfect for summers and the necklace looks gorgeous!

  19. I love the print on the skirt: amazing!

  20. Well, that skirt is just so adorable! Glad that you are enjoying getting dressed up again! :)


  21. That skirt is so beautiful on you! I am glad you are feeling better :)

    What Lola Wants

  22. i love the new blog and this cute outfit! Congrats on the new blog :)

  23. I love your outfit and especially your skirt! You look beautiful :)


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