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Jun 14, 2013

I thought I'd have a little more time to blog this week but I've had very little time to myself. We are still going to the hospital after work each day to visit my mom... bringing her flowers, magazines, and telling her lots of positive anecdotes from our week. Oh and (haha) I've been stealing her pudding... it's so tasty. I love that our company brings her so much joy and I'm glad I can be there for her during this difficult time.

I'm happy to be popping in today though, and sharing a cute little video from one of our evening walks as well as some of my favourite links with you. And... I'm doing a fun promo for my Etsy shop, Shore. Use code: FREESHIPPING to get free shipping today & all weekend long. Yay! Happy Friday, everyone!

Here are a few of my favourite links from this past week:

1. Ruche has so many gorgeous dresses right now. Seriously, I want them all. I'm especially in love with this one & this one. Oh man, and this one too!

2. A slightly older post but I loved reading Elsie's post on perfection. So true, our lives and homes are not always perfect, even though we save the best moments for our blogs.

3. What a talented lady. I was totally blown away by Kimbra's live performance for Triple J's, Like A Version program - such an inspiring voice and artist.

4. Oooh, tweed & leather. What a pretty combo for a spring/summer clutch and this one is truly lovely, especially in yellow.

5. Creme brulee with tarragon cream and blackberry. Need I say more?!

6. A few simple exercises I'd love to incorporate into my morning routine. I really need to get back on the exercise wagon!

7. Hello, shoe crush. I swear, each season Madewell seems to have the most perfect shoes and these ones are perfectly adorable.

8. This ruffled patchwork + recycled bag from Uncommon Goods is so cute! Perfect for a laid-back summer day. 

7 sweet notes:

  1. Aw, what a cute video, V! Of course you know I have a serious bias towards anything involving Scout - could he be any cuter? I think not! - but it was lovely to see you both, too. Seeing your expression when Scout jumped up on the bench brought a huge smile to my face, it was like being right there with you :) I hope your mom's condition continues to improve. Sending lots of love and happy weekend wishes your way!

  2. I friggin love Kimbra! I saw her in Philadelphia, She's absolutely nuts live~

    The Occasional Indulgence

    1. Yes, yes must see her live! Such a dream of mine!! xo

  3. Aw, what a sweet video V! & i have to agree with you about Ruche having so many cute dresses♥ oh to be able to shop endlessly would be great..i think i better win the lottery;)

  4. What an absolutely adorable video! Also, Kimbra is just amazing - I saw her in New York last year; she was so amazing!


    1. I'm so jealous you saw her live. I missed her when I was in Austin, Texas last year... what a voice! xo

  5. my heart soars highest whenever i see you 3!!!! love the vid lades, Scout is at his finest and looks rather smitten with his tall drink of water friend ;) awe, i still see his face running across the dining room floor, have i told you that i LOVEEEEEEE hiiiiiiiiiiiiim yet today?! well, it's true...he's my faved puppeh pal and can't wait till we get him a new partner in crime when we sort out our own family addition!!!!!

    hearing about your Mom's progress makes me happy too, um this pudding of hers sounds yum-delum. perhaps next visit we could have a taste test!

    gaaaa, i subscribe to the Ruche newsletter and drool over their wears each and every day. all those darling spring/summer frocks get my online shopping fingers clicking away. gotta check out the Kimbra link, sounds divine! lots of links to check out, best get to exploring the goodness, thanks lovely!!! happy Monday eve....and you might see something from me come Wednesday fyi! xo ♥


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