Jul 29, 2013

well, this weekend was mellow. my honey marked assignments (he’s teaching summer school) and i spent much of it coding my blog. oh man, martin & i spent so much time on our computers on saturday that we were giddy with laughter. computer drunk as we like to call it. then on sunday we went to church with our good friends Jeff & Kira, grabbed sushi for lunch, came home, crashed on the couch and watched orange is the new black.
and... this is what i wore all weekend long. i just picked up this dress from zara’s summer clearance sale and i love it. the dress has a fantastic open back as well as deep slits on either side which gives the dress great movement when you walk. so far this summer, i've been favouring a more relaxed & bohemian look: lots of maxi's, top knots with dangly earrings, denim cut offs with pretty flowy cami’s and strappy leather sandals. but, i'll admit i've started dreaming up outfits for the fall. anyone else?
outfit details: 
 jacket - h&m (similar)
dress - zara
necklace - stella & dot
bracelets (coming soon) - my etsy shop
* bracelets will be added to the shop on wednesday
shoes - gap

27 sweet notes:

  1. gorgeous jewelry! love that you made the bracelet
    kw ladies in navy

  2. You are definitely not the only one who has started dreaming up fall outfits, V! We're getting a bit of a break from the heat right now - by which I mean it's 25 out instead of 35 - and so I've been taking advantage to play in my closet; testing out sweater and skirt combinations. But in the meantime, I've been loving easy breezy dresses and this one is so pretty... the length is just perfect on you!

  3. So cute! Love the bracelets you made for your shop :) Can't wait to see them! Sounds like a perfect weekend, especially with sushi. I, too, am also dreaming up fall outfits...although fall here in Florida is just not the same. Definitely will miss the Pennsylvania foliage and chilly mornings I'm so used to.

  4. I just love that dress - it looks so flowy and perfect for summer! And I love that you referred to it as "computer drunk" ... I know that feeling all too well.

    Courtney ~ http://sartorialsidelines.com

  5. Love the dress..it is so pretty and perfect for the hot summer days we've been getting! Also i adore that stella & dot necklace♥

  6. LOL computer drunk. My boyfriend and I definitely get like that sometimes on weekends as well. Sounds like you had a lovely weekend. I am so glad :) Lovely dress - you are so pretty! Loving the blog layout as well :) xo

  7. Perfect summer dress! And of course the denim jacket is the perfect accompaniment. Adorable as always, Veronika!


  8. I have definitely been dreaming up fall outfits. Story of my life, I love outfits that I can't wear out of season. Anyways, you look beautiful as always and I love that flowing maxi dress.

  9. I love that dress on you. Mellow weekends are the best.

  10. I am guilty too of dreaming of fall outfits, although I am still loving summer & don't want it to leave! Love this easy summer look!
    <3 Kastles

  11. Such a pretty, laid-back dress. Also love your dainty bracelets :)


  12. This outfit is so gorgeous. I love the effortless ease of the dress and your gorgeous jewelry!

  13. very pretty dress!! love the print!


  14. Yep! I've definitely been dreaming of Fall. I was staring at my mustard coat asking it "when can I wear you again" in my mind. Haha! I love that dress! It looks sooo flowy! :) How did you like Orange is the New Black? I already need the next season in my life! Haha!

    Jan Loves

  15. I am watching Orange is the New Black right now too. Pretty good so far!

    Robyn xo

  16. Such a great dress...I love the midi length :) And a beautiful statement gold necklace too!!

    Veloria in Velvet

  17. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. :)

  18. Hey! Look at you with your side-swept bangs! Bangs traitor! ;) :P
    You look so pretty in your maxi. Makes me want to wear mine (I only own the one) with my denim jacket, too. :) Maybe I'm the only one here who's not in a hurry for fall to arrive - I've longed for summer for so long that I just want to continue wearing dresses with bare legs a little bit longer! ;)

  19. I love the perfect clearance find- and this one is amazing! Fall can't come fast enough- everything I have purchased recently I think 'Can this transition into fall?' Too early for that? haha You styled this one perfectly!

  20. You look absolutely stunning Veronika! I love that dress, I've been looking for some cute printed maxis lately. You definitely rock the bohemian look!



    Southern (California) Belle

  21. you look so gorgeous! That dress is so easy and flowy - sounds like you had a wonderful weekend!


  22. this is really the most perfect spot to come visit while winding down after a hectic day! sooooooooooothing and beeeeeeeeeautiful. what an ultimate comfort piece to have in your arsenal V - i feel this look from every angle and adore the teeny print so much too. not sure if you guys watch Game of Thrones but we're obsessed! and i can imagine Daenerys wearing this while strolling through the medieval landscape as her little dragon family fly around. it's also got this artistic vibe, which i'm keen about! of course i super love your bracelets - especially since seeing these designs up close. they're stunning!!

    cheers to more happy coding/design to come. thanks for taking me up on another chat sesh time. my head is swirling about your ideas but i just need some clear thoughts to process everything. can't wait to hear more soon lovie!!!! happy eve. xo ♥

  23. i literally just saw this dress on Zaras website on sale and thought it was gorgeous! now ive seen how amazing it looks on, brought to life by your stunning self i feel i need it even more, heehee! You are looking wonderfully lady! xx

  24. I love this dress, very pretty print and the shape is really cool for a summer weekend ;-)
    Also fits you really good! You look great and I love that smile on your face!
    Much love,

  25. My weekends are pretty mellow too. Very lovely dress, perfect for summer! I've been dying to get a denim jacket like yours but cant find one I like, except on other people,lol!

    laviedetaylor.blogspot.com // Shop My Closet

  26. So beautiful !



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