Aug 12, 2013

brights and stripes make for such an easy + summery outfit. i received this skirt from cori lynn early last year and it's proved to be such a timeless wardrobe staple. i'd love to style it again for this fall with a sheer ruffled polka dot blouse and some vintage inspired heels. perfect for a blogger meet up (we're doing one in september, yay) or for an evening out with my honey.
other than that, this weekend i spent a bit of time transitioning my wardrobe. just a little bit. pulling out light sweaters, skirts and my favourite fall dresses. i also (nerd alert) organized my upcoming fall clothes and looks in a private pinterest board... and why stop there? i decided to get my geek on even more and organized all my blog content for august and september. anyone else type a? feel free to spill. no judgement here! ;)
outfit details: 
cardigan - old navy
skirt - c/o cori lynn
spiked bracelet - stella & dot
clutch - aldo shoes
shoes - jeffrey campbell (fave t-strap heel, here & here)

23 sweet notes:

  1. cute skirt! love the two colors combined!!


  2. Love everything about this post and outfit!


  3. I love this look! Very Kate Spade. Also, can you come organize my closet too please?? I have been ignoring it and living out of laundry baskets since nothing I own fits my pregnant body anymore. It's bad. ;)

  4. Lovely outfit, this skirt is so cute and love the color mix, very fresh and pretty, beautiful!
    And I also really have to get started on my fall organization and planification (I'm basically a control freak but somehow, never managed (so far!) to really stick to a schedule or a deadline of any kind...weird. Pinterest private board is actually a great idea, I never thought about that option, but I will, right now! Thanks for the idea girl!
    Have a lovely week, and I can't wait to see all of your fall outfits!
    Much love

  5. LOL I think we all have a little Type A in us. Nothing wrong with that! I love your skirt! I've always been a fan of Cori Lynn AND her gorgeous skirts!

  6. Nerd alert! haha I need to go organize my closet now because I feel behind...

    The Occasional Indulgence

  7. love the skirt! It looks great with the bright color cardi!!

  8. That skirt is divine! Also divine is spending an hour or two refolding every sweater and sock...it feels so good to have your closet in order!

  9. OMG, please don't talk about fall, it's depressing me, especially considering we barely had a summer! I absolutely love this ensemble, it's simple yet so sophisticated and chic. That skirt is a show-stopper. In a way, your styling reminds me a lot of Blair from Atlantic-Pacific, who is one of my favorite fashion bloggers. Glad I stumbled onto your blog today :)


  10. Cute outfit. I wish I would get some fall weather here.

  11. awww I've been eyeing that skirt from Corilynn for the longest time. It's so beautiful! You look so lovely in these pictures, I love that coral cardigan!


  12. Love the navy/white stripes with the orange cardigan! Lovely outfit...you look great!


  13. Ha ha, V, I'm so with you on the organising front! I have practically all of my posts already planned - and many of the photos already shot - for August and September. After all, I'm going to be moving and doing a lot of transitioning, might as well be prepared for the things I can prepare for, right? That's how I rationalise it to myself, anyway :) I think the organisation does pay off, though, and this look seems to be proving me right - the combination of coral and navy is so lovely on you! I've always been a big fan of your outfit posts, can't wait to see what you have in store for the fall :) Hugs!

  14. oh you look lovely!! This is such a sweet look on you. I really like that skirt and the color of the cardigan is awesome!!

  15. Love the skirt and the color combo! Very pretty! :)

  16. I love this look, so timeless and cute! I would've loved to buy one of those cori lynn skirts, but by the time I cottoned on to them, the navy stripe ones were all sold out. :( Where I am (Norway), Fall has arrived and I'm not sure I'm enjoying it - wanna swap places? ;P

  17. I am so obsessed with these skirts. I think it's time I buy one!

    xo Amy

  18. okay V, i spotted "the bracelet" right away! love that thing so much and have been wearing mine constantly :) twinsies is what - baha! and the kicker here is the pattern mix of stripes + leopard. you know you do it better than anyone i know and can render a blissful blending out of practically anything you get your pretty hands on.

    love how you got everything on a private pinboard too, so smart lovie!! organizing appeals to me too, we've had many a talk about this but seriously dude give me an excel spreadsheet and i'll give you a zen-like experience. it's a complete revelation to get things down in a folder or a doc where you can easily open it up and seek the solitude knowing that mischief is 100% managed. ha! awesomeness for reals! type a, not so sure but def on board the cultivated control train with ya.

    happiest week off wishes, you deserve it!! enjoy the moments V. i haven't begun florals, etc yet but hoping by end of week to start something for you. i was in the throws of pay period today, eep - kinda took my steam and rolled it into a sad little puff on nothingness. got a nightcap on the ready and we're digging into a netflix series called The Killing. have you guys heard about it? omg!!!!!!!!!!!!! it's beyond our fave - gives me memories of when we just started Breaking Bad. really off the charts rad, not kidding!!!! happy eve you 2. xo ♥

  19. Um, so you are adorable. I absolutely LOVE that skirt. I'm a big fan of stripes these days, especially navy and white.

    Also, your blog is freaking beautiful! Can't wait to see what you have in store for fall for us! xoxo

  20. Oh that cardigan is just so adorable and looks really cozy! So perfect with that sweater!

    Also, you are so much more organized than I am - that is awesome! I really need to get thinking about September blog content, but there never seems enough time until September 1. :P


  21. Adorable outfit. Love that skirt!

  22. I love that skirt! This outfit looks great on you!

  23. That sweater is just so perfect on you! And the skirt is just darling!





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