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Nov 26, 2013

When it comes to blogging, I’m all about keeping it real. So... on that note, let me tell ya, coming up with this outfit was hella hard. It was just one of those days where I was under-slept, under the weather and couldn't figure out my closet for the life of me. Hello, Mount Everest. Ugh, isn’t that the worst?! Naturally, I took myself to DQ for an extra gooey blizzard and then drowned my sorrows at Anthro. Done and done! ;)

And who’s coming to see me at LOFT this Saturday? I’ll be there from 1 - 4 pm for the grand opening at Park Royal Centre and I’d love to meet you. The clothes are absolutely dreamy and it's the perfect excuse to get some Christmas presents checked off your list! You can register here!


Scarf, thrifted // Blazer (love this one), Banana Republic // Top, Zara // Jeans, American Eagle // Bag, Banana Republic // Boots, Old Navy

15 sweet notes:

  1. Had I not read the text, I'd never be able to tell! You look amazing and so effortlessly chic! The jeans are especially amazing, in my opinion - such a gorgeous color and cut!

    Thanks for sharing :)

    Renate from thecuriousklutz.blogspot.dk

  2. My stile lately has definitely been the same as this lately! even when I put on a fancy frock I end up throwing on boots and a chunky sweater over top! I think I should just hibernate till April!

  3. LOVE this outfit. so cute and casual.


  4. I hate having those days - where you literally have "nothing" to wear! You ended up choosing a great outfit though!


  5. I've been feeling the exact same lately!! Glad to know I'm not alone. But you look lovely dear -- and so put together. We'd never guess it! ;)

  6. The best scarves are always thrifted! Love how it pops against your neutral colors! And maaaan, I WISH I could teleport into Vancouver for the weekend and hang out with you at Loft! Hope you have so much fun!!

  7. Gah, I hate those days when even putting two things as simple as a shirt and pants together seems like a math equation! You look super cute! I finally went into an Anthro store for the first time and fell in love! Everything was so pretty!

  8. Mount Everest - I am so with you there, V, that honestly sounds like every morning when I try to get ready for work before drinking my tea... putting together an outfit when you're not completely on your game is the most impossible task. But it seems like you made out pretty darn well here, the blazer and scarf combo is divine and those boots are just adorable - such a great Old Navy find!

  9. I had my first day like that - since starting my blog - this past Sunday!! The stereotypical "I have nothing to wear" feeling...when, in fact, you're standing in front of a closet FULL of clothes!! Well, your finished look here is lovely; so your styling talents managed to pull you through, Veronika...particularly loving the booties and the pink and yellow scarf!!

  10. oh boy i would love to drown my sorrows at anthro, i think i'm having withdrawals ;)

  11. I love your ankle boots! I can't believe they are from Old Navy!

  12. You know my thoughts on this whole thing haha. I love jeans and a blazer so your struggles resulted in a lovely outfit!


  13. i've worn those old navy booties into the ground thanks to first seeing you wear them last season. they're the most comfortable things ever! love this stylized, casual achievement V!! you'd never have a hint about the challenges going on behind the scenes. effortlessly executed and totally chic!

    gosh, when the "what to wear?" --- "i've got NOTHING!" happens i wanna shrink up into a hole and hide ;) do i ever feel you. going for a DQ treat and shaking off the tension with a little shopping trip gets an A-OK from me everytime! awesomeness is what. xo

    Hearted Girl

  14. This outift is the first in my personal classification!


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