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Dec 16, 2013

I've been so in the throes of my outfits posts [and enjoying them immensely, I might add] that I've sort of had a brain freeze on my lifestyle posts. Are you guys missing them? I've been feeling kind of guilty for just slamming you with outfit photos, but truth be told, sometimes it's just easier to snap photos of what I'm wearing. Especially when the lifestyle portion of my life is on the down low. These days, my life revolves around our pets, my store, sushi dates with Martin, and let us not forget quality time on the couch. Haha, not so blog worthy, you feel me?!

However, today I'm popping in with a few of my favourite iphone photos in celebration of my new iphone 5s. The camera is so fantastic and I'm fighting the urge to not be instagramming every two minutes. And... can I get a unanimous, whaaaat?! Is Christmas only a week-ish away? We've been pretty terrible this year as far as decorating our home, we didn't even put up our tree. Is that bad? Oh well, next year we'll get our act together. Haha, mind you we say that every year! ;)

Coffee dates at Starbucks. My favourite is the skinny peppermint mocha. Lately coffee is what gets me through my day. Bless its heart!

Where the magic happens! ;)

Gold polka dots, everywhere. All. The. Time!!

An overdue date with my love. We spent the day eating ice cream, grabbed pine tree branches for a DIY x-mas mantle, and napped, a lot!

As for my weekend uniform? I stuck to cozy dresses + my fave booties!

PS - last but not least, thank you to Melissa from Bubby and Bean for including me in her awesome holiday gift guide. Hop on over to see what Selective Potential, Orchid Grey, A Beautiful Mess and many more are putting on their x-mas list this year! ♥

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  1. Molly {Dreams in HD}December 16, 2013 at 6:19 AM

    your desk is absolutely adorable!
    love the purple :)

    Molly {Dreams in HD}

  2. we hadn't set up a tree for years before the one! And even now its just a tiny little guy. I honestly thing you need kids to do that stuff. For us anyway we just want to spend the holidays as simply and hassle-free as possible!

  3. Those photos are lovely! My iphone is on the fritz (it's a 4. Not even a 4S!), so I'm hoping to upgrade mine soon! I've also been all about cozy drinks lately. They do wonders for helping me get through the long work days I've been having lately.

    Sounds like your date was lovely! I hope you get to do some more relaxing soon!

    Ladyface Blog

  4. Ok, glad to know I'm not the only one... I was starting to feel a bit guilty there. But you're right, probably so much funner when you have kids!! I'm definitley a hassle-free kind of girl!! xoxo

  5. I haven't put up a tree in 2 years and haven't felt the least bit guilty about it. There's so much pressure around the holidays and I say if you're not feeling a tree, no big deal. I'd rather focus on gift giving and family time. :)

  6. Love love love the gold touches! And I am the same way with my Instagramming...sometimes I just wish my life were more interesting :)

  7. Hi Veronika!! I LOVE your outfit posts, so you won't get any complaints from me for focusing on those lately!! That said, your photos here are lovely...the misty view out over the water is just gorgeous!! And my fave (year-round!) Starbucks drink is an extra hot, soy chai latte!!

  8. I want the iphone 5 so bad! Not even the 5s, just the 5 because I see the camera is very nice and I need a better camera on my phone. I haven't been to starbucks in a while and I need to get me a latte here soon! I'm almost at the Gold. xx

  9. Love the pics! I am finally upgrading to a 5 later this week. :) And thanks again for being a part of the blogger wish list this year! xo

  10. What a difference a phone with a good camera makes, right?! I can so relate, V - it was like a revelation when I finally got my iPhone this fall, which probably explains my constant instagramming ever since ;) These snapshots are so fun, it's always great to get a peek into your little world. Happy Monday lovely!

  11. What a beautiful desk space! Jealous girl over here! One of these days I'd like a little space like that for my very own. xoxo

  12. You must be having so much fun with your new phone, V! Love all these snapshots :)

    xo, alison*elle

  13. It is always so fun to get little life details…your office is beautiful! And the little gold notebook, so cute!
    xo Cara

  14. After seeing your skinny peppermint latte, I think I'm due for one! Also, I'm obsessed with those boots and definitely need a pair! xo

  15. most definitely lovie, i always miss your lifestyle shares :) each unique detail of yours and M's lives always give me a good dose of cheer to see!! even if that includes quality couch time in your jammies ;)

    gaaa, isn't the 5s the most amazing thing?! i can tell you're having a blast with yours and love the results so far. your sweet desk nook is looking extra lovely and 3 cheers to all those awesome golden accents too. i'll have to check out that wishlist. lawd knows i can always add some more onto mine - ha! happy Jimmy Choos-day V!! xo

    Hearted Girl

  16. You lucky bum! I could only dream of the camera that's in the iPhone 5s. My Samsung has a not so sharp 5px camera that does the trick for Instagram most of the time, but not always. I love that you've been doing outfits again, as that's why I first started reading Girl & Closet but lifestyle posts are always fun to read too. I didn't put up a tree this year either, as I have so little space in my apartment! I'll just enjoy the one my parents have on Christmas Day ^^ xo


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