You're The Prettiest (Etsy Edition)

Feb 15, 2014

I may no longer have my Etsy shop. In fact, going solo was the better decision for me. But having said that, I still stalk and shop Etsy, a ton. There's nothing I love more than unique & creative pieces to set my closet or home apart. Usually, my weekend ritual includes peppermint tea and a quick perusal of Etsy. Then I thought, hey, I should totally share my finds with you guys! After all... who doesn't love a little eye candy to inspire their day! Am I right?! K, time to get off the computer!! xo

Left to right: Hand knit blanket, Yarning Made // Ring dish, Claylicious // Canvas & leather tote, byMART // Geometric necklace, Blue Bird Lab // Felt succulent planter, The Yarn Kitchen // Eames RKR chair, Cast and Crew // Card, Quill and Fox // Leather cuff, Brick and Arrow // Throw cushion, Zana Products
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7 sweet notes:

  1. Oh Etsy... I could browse for hours and never get bored! I love that your shop has gone solo because it gives me another place to find adorable things but that definitely doesn't mean my Etsy browsing has changed. I'm also pretty addicted to Boticca. So many cute things! Happy Saturday, V!

  2. Those little felt planters just kill me...they are so freaking cute!! ALL your picks here are lovely, Veronika; I think bookmarking Etsy on my new laptop is much as I'm trying to resist!!

  3. That is why I hide myself from Etsy, so many lovely things on there! I really like your picks :)


  4. Love so many of these finds! I especially love the pillows, rocker, throw, triangle tote! Amazing!


  5. Thanks so much for featuring my throw alongside those other gorgeous items!! ❤

  6. I love Etsy! I always find the most interesting things.

  7. I absolutely love the fox card, so cute! My men is working 900km away from me for a few more months and to ease manage the distance, i've decided to send him some cute cards like this every week... This one goes in my basket! Thank you lovely!


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