My shop's having a HUGE sale!

Apr 1, 2014


I'm excited to announce my shop's having a fabulous sale. Up to 70% off, pretty major right?! I'm making room for new inventory and thought a little spring blow-out sale was the perfect way to celebrate the warmer weather. So, put a little spring pep in your step and nab a fun accessory for your wardrobe. Please note, quantities are limited and selling down fast, so don't wait!

And... happy April 1st, has anyone played any fun pranks?!

5 sweet notes:

  1. I told my friend that Vladimir Putin is all set to invade Finland. And she fell for it. Heh. What about you, though? Spill, spill! ;)

  2. Oh gosh, V, if only I weren't in the exact same boat as you - spending no money (because Paris, while totally worth it, is always expensive and we're in recovery mode now) I would so be all over this. But... it might make it easier if I tell myself I'm holding out for your spring collection. I can't wait to see what's coming!

    1. Aw, thanks Cee. I'm planning on lots of delicates, statement necklaces + fun neon bracelets. And eeep, yes, I imagine Paris must have mighty expensive!! xoxo

  3. Somehow, I'm just not in the mood for pranks right now, dear Veronika...and under the circumstances, I don't think anyone can blame me!! But I AM excited to see what's in store (literally!) for spring at your shop; and I'll be checking out your sale, too!! :)

  4. ooooh so excited to see the new spring goodies at your shop!
    happy april dear veronika :)


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