Favourite Corn Recipes

Jun 27, 2014


With Canada Day and Independence Day just around the corner I have side dishes on the brain, and these delicious recipes would be perfect for a summertime barbeque. Especially the two salads and the Sriracha Street Corn which I'll be making for Canada Day. This year we plan on relaxing at home with great food and then walking around our neighbourhood to check out all the fun celebrations. I can not wait!

Also, a few helpful tips regarding corn, it's one of the vegetables mentioned on the "clean 15 list" so no need to buy organic. It's high in vitamin A, potassium and contains 5 grams of protein per 1 cup serving. On that note, what's your favourite dish for Canada Day/Independence Day? And, happy Friday everyone!! xo

12 sweet notes:

  1. Yummy! Thanks for this list. I can't wait to try some of these. I LOVE CORN, but my husband has never really been a fan. Hopefully one of these will change his mind.

    <3 Jackie

  2. oh my gosh veronika these all look SO SO yummy! i am such a sucker for street corn. i hope you have a beautiful weekend lovely lady :)

  3. wow,everything looked extremely yummy!! i can said that i live for corn..my man and i always went to supermarket or sushi stall nearby to buy corn in can or ate corn sushi..corn sushi is so so so good!

    xo josephine c.

  4. I don't know why but corn has never been something I've been overly excited about. It's not like we don't eat it but it's something I'll look past for sure. That said that first image of what I'm presuming is pizza(?) with the bread and rocket looks heavenly. Maybe because the rocket is added and I'm a rocket fiend these days but it looks really good. Have a happy Canada day, whenever that may be (I'm Australian so forgive my ignorance!)


  5. Unfortunately, corn is another thing on my rather long list of dietary "no no's," dearest Veronika!! I'm so sad, 'cause these recipe photos look delectable!! Please have a piece of your Canada Day Street Corn on my behalf, okay?! ;)


  6. Ohhhh looks so yummy!!! :)

    stop by,

  7. These look super yum! I have a barbecue planned too because we have a few things to celebrate. The boyfriend looooves corn, so I might have to steal an idea or two of you ;-) Have fun celebrating! xoxo

  8. I loved corn growing up, to the point that I basically made myself sick of it - it's only recently that I've started experimenting with it (and loving it!) again so I'm excited to test out some of these recipes. I mean, corn on pizza? Yum! Wishing you a very happy - and relaxing - Canada Day, V! (And Martin, too!)

  9. Looks so yummy! Thx for the recipes! Can't wait to try some:)

  10. Never thought about corn & goat cheese pizza, but sounds terribly delicious! :) I am the only one who is a fan of corn at our home so I'll certainly have a hard time making these recipes, but I'll try ;) Hope you're having today a good Canada day!


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