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Jun 23, 2014

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Hello, friends. Hope the weekend treated you well! Ours was great, so much sun, plus our brunch with friends turned out great. Mimosas, good food and over the top silliness. We have many an iphone photo to prove it! ;) This week, I'm working on a few more blog templates for my Etsy shop + launching a sale. I also did a photo-shoot with the sweetest couple and love how the photos turned out. I'll be sure to share them with you soon! So much fun, right?! In the meantime, links, these are my faves! xo

1. What do you think guys, most perfect dress or what?! Plus I love how it's styled on the model!

2. Just made this DIY Vanilla Coconut Moisturizing Sugar Scrub, thanks to Melissa of Bubby & Bean. It was awesome!

3. This watermelon cucumber salad is on my must try list... would be great with a BBQ dinner!

4. Never thought I was a romper girl until I saw this one.

5. Old Navy has so many well priced + adorable sandals. Narrowing down my choices will not be easy!

6. This purple druzy ring is such a gorgeous statement piece.

7. Love this portrait session shot by my pal Gaby of the blog This Little Port!

8. And what is it with me and silly dog pictures?! Oh my lord, I can't get enough!

12 sweet notes:

  1. Ohh I want to make the sugar scrub. Sounds amazing!


  2. wow, i didn't think i was a romper girl either, but this one is beautiful! i think i would just forget about everything else in my closet and wear this 24/7!
    xo jac

  3. Great finds! Definitely going to try that DIY Vanilla Coconut Moisturizing Sugar Scrub. Gotta get my legs and toes ready for New Mexico next week!

    XO Alison

  4. Such a fun list, V! I actually wore a romper for the first time this weekend and I think I might officially be a convert. And I am all over that purple druzy ring, plus everything else from GSG Jewelry - I'm so head over heels for all things crystal lately, I can tell their shop is going to do some damage to bank account!

  5. great list!

  6. Thank you for sharing the sugar scrub, I'm going to be trying it out tonight!

  7. That romper is so stinking cute! I have still yet to wear one but you are about to make me a "romper girl" too! Also in need of some new sandals. Definitely checking out Old Navy!

    xo Amy

  8. Omg, dearest Veronika...the pug on the carousel horse?! SO FREAKING CUTE!! And I love that Madewell romper, too!! P.S. I (finally!) had the chance to check out your Etsy shop, and am seriously considering treating myself to a new look for my blog's first anniversary this September!! Love the clean look of "Modern Girl," but I think I need something that has a touch of "fun," too...anxiously awaiting your newest offerings!! XOXO

  9. aw thanks for the link love! and i have to say, i love that every time i come to your blog it's different :) i'm keeping an eye out for your new designs, my blog could use a makeover… xo

  10. first, your etsy shop is awesome!! all the designs are incredibly cute!! my blog could use some makeover too..
    and i love the dress too!! i guess we have almost the same fashion sense.too cute!

    xo josephine c.

  11. Great post,love!xx
    You have an amazing blog!
    Would you mind checking out mine?
    keep in touch xoxo

  12. I'm so happy you like the sugar scrub! xoxoxo


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