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Jun 18, 2014

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It's been a lot of blabbing and not much blogging this past week-ish, sorry, but I'm honestly still reeling from all your comments on my most recent post. So instead of carrying on, I've used this last week to step back and thoroughly examine the kind of content I want to be posting. I believe in having a solid game plan as it helps keep me focused and passionate about what I'm doing. So, a few quick updates for you today...

I excitedly gave the blog an overhaul & re-brand. I still have lots to do, but it's a start and I love how clean and content focused this new layout is. For me, change is like a breath of fresh air and I'm soooo craving it. As for the blogging portion?! I'd like a little less "me" on this space. Sometimes, if I can be frank, being in front of the camera turns me into a bit of a stress case. I still intend to post outfits and daily snaps it just won't be the heart of the blog anymore. Instead, I'm envisioning a blog filled with beautifully curated content and a healthy mix of home decor, recipes, fashion and lifestyle.

So what can you expect? Well, for the month of June I'll be introducing several new features as well as working with two guest editors, more on that soon. I'm starting a monthly blogging series which will begin the last week of July. Yay! I get so many emails asking for blogging tips and I can't wait to start sharing them here. Lastly, I'm cooking up a fun feature where I'll be interviewing some amazingly talented & creative woman. Lots of fun stuff to look forward to! As always, thank you for your wonderful support! xo

PS - I'll be picking & announcing the Belle Hibou giveaway shortly via Twitter!

19 sweet notes:

  1. I'm excited to see your big changes! I'm looking to expand my blog as I just started really focusing on it a few months ago. Change is good :)

  2. Oh your blog always looks so good. I'm so excited to see all that you do with it and how it's going to grow!


  3. love the new layout too.anyway,i'm always will be your big fan no matter what is the layouts.i would definetely love to read more about blogging tips.i'm struggling a lots in blogging.

    greetings from singapore,josephine c.

  4. I love that you have the courage and drive to constantly reinvent yourself, V - it's one of the things I admire most about you. I'm loving the new look of your space and I can't wait to see where you go from here. Wishing you a very happy Wednesday!

  5. The new design is beautiful! Looking forward to seeing the new direction too. :)

  6. The new design is so perfect for you! It looks beautiful. And I can't wait to see what you have in store next! I've been trying to do more lifestyle posts myself, though I still love doing style posts as well. But I always love everything you post!

  7. this is so exciting! love the new layout SO MUCH! so clean and beautiful!

  8. Wow, look at you go! I clicked over and was like "Whoa, she changed her blog!"
    I like the direction you're heading and am excited to see where you take us :)

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  9. I think about rebranding and starting over, too, from time to time. But with my grad school schedule, I usually decide to just wait it out and get to it later. Someday! I would love to include more food and fitness into my blog. We'll see. Excited to see your new content, though!

    XO Alison

  10. Can't wait to see what's coming! Many kisses to you lovely!

  11. Love the blog's new look and your new ideas! Keep up the good work, girl! Keep it simple and keep it YOU! :)

    Much love!


  12. Beautiful layout! Can't wait to see the changes.

  13. The new look is absolutely lovely, and I'm so excited for the future of your beautiful blog!

  14. I love you're new look!! you are seriously a whiz with blog design. I know you are selling your designs but you should do a tips and tricks feature as well!

  15. love the new look, veronika! excited to see where this goes. xoxox

  16. Coming from someone who enjoys a bit of minimalism now and then, this new "clean" look is very appealing, dearest Veronika!! I know that you've been wanting more of a "lifestyle" focus for your blog...so these changes sound really exciting!! Looking forward to the new and improved By the Shore...although the old one was pretty darn great, too!! XOXO


  17. Love the new look. It's so fresh!

  18. I'll be praying that you continue to feel better! I love your dresses in the pictures!
    Brooke Jordan

  19. so exciting to hear! the blog looks stunning, great job on the layout :)
    xo, cheyenne


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