Weekly Wrap Up

Jun 6, 2014

It's been a pretty awesome last two weeks. I excitedly re-launched my Etsy shop (psst, the à la carte items are now available!!) plus I'm working on a new biz. Or more like resurrecting an old passion - I'll be sure to fill you in next week. Sorry, I've been so secretive. I just want to do a proper post!

Photos from our week: 1) The new Etsy shop is live... feeling like a proud new mama over here!! 2) Friends, sun and good times. 3) I started a personal blog this week. Each day I take a quick photo or two and talk about my daily happenings. A lovely keepsake which I hope to share with our kids one day! 4) After work, patio and wine ritual!

Favourites from around the web:
♥ Not only is Jen one of the coolest gals around but she also has killer style. Loved this outfit!!
♥ Um, have you ever seen anything more precious than this anchor top?! Dying over here!
♥ Just re-vamped my pinterest boards!
♥ Loved this post on blogging from Sophie of Her Library Adventures. A topic I could go on about!
♥ Aw, this black tie french manicure is too cute!

On the horizon: Summer, summer, summer!! I just wrote out a summer bucket list and can't wait to start checking things off. Picnics, day trips, and weekend getaways to nearby islands. I can't wait to make this summer a memorable one! Only 15 more days till summer officially hits. Who's excited?!

7 sweet notes:

  1. Only fifteen more days until it's officially summer? I say let the countdown begin! Not that I need an excuse to take walks and eat ice cream whenever the sun is out, but summer doesn't hurt ;) Looks like you had the loveliest of weeks, V - here's hoping you get to cap it off with a wonderful weekend!

  2. Congrats on the new Etsy shop! So exciting! And summer in 2 weeks is also exciting! I can't wait for my favorite season.

  3. Lovely post! Such a great idea to start a personal blog to share with your kids one day! Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. I've got a long list of summer plans myself! Love the wine and patio ritual ... definitely need to adopt that into my schedule. :)

    XO Alison

  5. Reading these posts always make me happy :)
    So glad to know things are looking up for you pretty lady!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  6. I'm excited! Finally! The sun and summer heat are here at last and i also intend to enjoy every bit of it for the next weeks and hopefully months!

  7. My week's "wrap-up" wasn't so much fun, dear Veronika...I spent most of it in Emergency!! I finally have a chance to start catching up on everything I've missed the past two days; and - of course! - I definitely want to check out your Etsy shop, too!! Enjoy the sun!! XO



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