Monday Finds

Jul 21, 2014

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Firstly, thank you so much for the sweet comments on our new kitty, Sunshine! We're making great strides with her & Scout... although we've had to break up a few spats here & there. Hopefully, this cohabitation period gets easier. Right now, we're reluctant to leave them home alone, so our summer plans have been pretty non-existent. As for my carpal tunnel? Oh all bloody hell guys, I'm down to 30 minutes of computer time before the pain becomes unbearable. Blast! In any case, I'm back with my favourite links & drool-worthy finds. Yay! Love putting this feature together. And lastly, it was my birthday this past weekend. So whoot, whoot to one too many martini's! ;)

1) My shop's having a big sale. This boho blazer from Tulle is a steal and I never leave home without my chevron tote!

2) One of my favourite gals on pinterest. Her boards are full of amazing inspiration!

3) I'm obsessed with the new Maiedae relaunch + in love with Squarespace. Perhaps there's a relaunch in my future too?

4) Love this new to me blog, plus I love Caroline's idea of building a capsule wardrobe each season!

5) Oh my gosh, these gold gilded popsicles are the bomb, no?!

6) I'm SO excited for Nordstrom's anniversary sale... their Michael Kors bags are an absolute steal!

7) Obsessed, with this teardrop terrarium. Perfection, right?!

8) This scallop clutch is so, so good!

11 sweet notes:

  1. oh no :( so sorry to hear about your carpel tunnel, hope it gets better soon! it seems like such a pain, literally and figuratively, to deal with.

    an on another note, that teardrop terrarium is so awesome!
    xo, cheyenne

  2. Soooo, thanks for reminding me about Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale. LOL

  3. Best wishes for a speedy recovery!

  4. Love the scallop clutch, so pretty! Gosh i'm crossing fingers that your wrist will get better real soon dear... :( But in the meantime, again, a very, very, very Joyeux Anniversaire!!!! ;)

  5. The Nordstrom anniversary sale? Oh V, I so did not need a reminder that it was happening... but I'm happy to get one even so ;) Since I just started a new job, I'm sure I can justify a little splurge, right? Right! Can't wait to see your lovely face on Saturday!

  6. Thank you Lisa - my fingers are crossed for a fast recovery for sure. Carpal tunnel is no fun at all... and again, congrats on your engagement. Can't wait to see your beautiful ring up close & in person!! xoxo

  7. Just started following you and Amanda on Pinterest! Yay for great inspo!

    Colour Me Classic

  8. Carpal tunnel syndrome stinks, dearest Veronika!! My mom and my sister both suffer from it, so I know how unpleasant the symptoms can be :( Hopefully, your birthday and your newest fur-kid were able to distract you a little!! And thank you for another wonderful set of inspirational links...Caroline (and her blog "Unfancy") have found a new follower in me!! XO

  9. Mmm, I'm so sorry about the carpal tunnel Veronika...don't wear yourself out by too much networking!
    Anyway, glad you made this post though, the links are keeping me plenty interested. Aha, I'm obsessing over that Pinterest user now!!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  10. Thanks for you Monday Finds and rest your hands lady! Also, I'm this close to purchasing that teardrop terrarium. What a great and unique terrarium find!


  11. oh that sucks about your wrists! my wrists (and back and shoulders) kill whenever i spend too much time on the computer (which is often). it's tough though because how else are you going to work? xx


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