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Aug 9, 2014

I don't normally post on Saturdays, but what the heck, here I am! ;) How's yours so far?! We started our weekend off with a bang. Yesterday, Martin & I decided to go for an amazing run/hike, see first photo above. Pretty splendid, right?! My leg & arm might be numb, but damn it, I will not buckle on my fitness goals. I'm kind of a hard ass that way - stubborn, really! This past week has been a good one... I've been working on a bunch of design projects and have a few new templates to launch in the next week or two. Very exciting to watch my little Etsy shop grow. Yay!

Aside from that... because of said arm & leg it's been a lot of rest, rest, which honestly I find a little excruciating. I'm a busy body by nature. So, this goes completely against my grain. Upside? Amen for Netflix and a hubby that's home for the summer. I've also dreamed up lots of great things for the blog and can't wait to implement them once I'm fully back on the computer. Come on, already!!

And lastly, our poor cone head!! Although, I'll admit, Sunshine is a total fashionista because somehow she makes that cone work! Our poor gal hit her eye and now it's infected so we're giving her eye drops, spoiling her with her favourite foods (chicken and gravy) and nursing her back to health. It's kitty Hilton over here! ;)

Happy weekend, guys!!

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  1. Your cat </3 I hope she feels better soon!!


  2. Oh that pretty girl is rocking that cone indeed! Poor baby... i'm sure she'll end up faking it at the end just to be spoiled a little longer...who wouldn't! I hope it doesn't hurt to much though... That view is incredible i wouldn't like to miss out on that either! Can't wait to see your new creations dear i'm sure they'll be as pretty as you are! ;-)
    Much love gorgeous and have a wonderful weekend! <3

  3. Happy weekend, V! It must be such a blast to have Martin home for the whole summer, I'm just envisioning all the adventures you two could dream up to have together (but on the flip side... I do love my winter holidays and I guess you don't get to have any of those, so I'll count my blessings!) Wishing you lots of fun and sun, my friend :)

  4. aw! poor kitty! and i'm totally the same when i'm sick or not able to go about like i usually do! but sometimes it's just necessary to take some rest ;) netflix is my savior in that case as well!
    xo, cheyenne

  5. Oh my goodness, I have just spent some time catching up on your blog/life. So sorry about your wrist and your little kitty! That view on your run/hike is breathtaking. If I could see that every time I ran, I would probably be a little more motivated to go! So glad to see that you're doing well!

    xo Amy

  6. Haha, you hard ass, you. That type of attitude is one I like though, so keep chasing down those fitness goals - it inspires me! Though don't hurt yourself too much...aha, gotta respect the body too.
    Anyway, hope you have a lovely upcoming week and all the best with your etsy shop!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  7. Poor Sunshine–hope you're both feeling like yourselves soon, but I'm so glad neither of you are letting these things keep you down!

  8. Awh poor little sunshine! I hope the eye heals properly! It's no fun seeing your pets in pain! As for you, I hope you have a wonderful weekend and enjoy those gorgeous walks :)


  9. That first photo is breathtaking, dearest Veronika!! Wow!! I wish I could convince my husband to get out and really enjoy our fantastic summer weather...but according to him, it's even too hot to go to the beach!! P.S. Sunshine is a real little trouper, just like her mom!! ;)


  10. Aw your kitty is too cute! Sounds like a relaxing weekend. My roommates and I totally watched Spice World on Netflix this past Friday night and relived our youth ;) I'd recommend it! hehe


  11. these pictures are gorgeous, veronika! i'm so sorry you're still suffering with your limb numbness. i'm not much a a busy bee, more like lazy homebody lol, so I can't imagine what it must be like to have to put your life on hold. I'll be thinking of you

    xo jac


  12. The pictures from your hike with Martin are so pretty, Veronika! I absolutely adore hiking, but haven't made as much time as I'd like to do it lately. Definitely feeling inspired to spend more time outdoors after seeing your post though!

    Lace and Combat Boots | a life + style blog

  13. Hey lovey! No, the view is from our neighbourhood. We're in the tri-cities area! Love Kits Beach though - we used to go there all the time. Our old stomping ground!! xoxo

  14. Aw, thanks Jacqueline. Really hoping I'll be back to normal life & work flow soon. Sitting around and resting is fun... for like a day!! ;) Happiest Wednesday lovey! xo

  15. Ah, I haven't watched Spice World in forever!! I'm on it. Sounds like a blast. Hope you're having a fabulous week love!! xoxo

  16. So funny Monika! My husband is always complaining about the heat (poor guy) - I honestly haven't found hot at all. I'm not sure whats wrong with me? Haha! As for our outdoor time? We favor shaded trails. The best for beating the heat and getting my hubby out! ;) xoxo

  17. Lena, thank you. We're both on the mend! Hope you're having a fabulous week! xoxo

  18. Linda, thank you! Yes, to fitness goals and being a hard ass!! ;) Hope you're having a lovely week... your camping trip looked awesome by the way!! xoxo


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