Weekly Wrap Up

Oct 3, 2014

Yay Friday!! It's been a bit of a crazy week over here... I worked with two custom design clients, one was for a wedding blog and the other for a new online shop, did a ton of consulting work and worked on engagement + couple photos. And of course, the blog! Not even sure how the heck I fit it all in. So yes, Friday, let's do this!!

Photos from our week: 1) I'm updating our gallery wall. So, a stop at Chapters Indingo was a must. 2) New pj's and a cup of coffee make any day better 3) Neutrals, neutrals, neutrals 4) Sunshine and her new rainbow coloured mice. Aw!!!

Favourites from around the web:

♥ I'm currently obsessed with this gold scalloped pillow from Caitlin Wilson. I want one, or two in every room!!
♥ LOVE how Monika Hibbs styled York Homes for a recent event. Ha, packing!
♥ I'm looking for a black tote to bring to client meetings and this one is perfect. Plus hello polka dots!
♥ Love this beautiful vase... kind of organic glam. Right?!
♥ Once my temporary hair color washes out. I'm going to do this, because why the heck not!

Inspired by: A can do attitude. These days, if I dream it than I want to do it!

On the horizon: Working on our home. I have several ideas for DIY projects and I can't wait to give our place a little spruce up. I love fashion, but more & more, I'm becoming a home decor junkie!! xo

8 sweet notes:

  1. Aw, thanks sweets! And I'd help you decorate in a heartbeat... I honestly love it so much! And ombre, right? I'm totally going to go for it!! xo

  2. I can't wit to see all of the things you are going to do with your home! And that gold scalloped pillow... so pretty!

  3. Happy weekend, my lovely friend! That picture of Sunshine playing with those toy mice still gets me - what a cutie. Hope your weekend is off to the most fabulous start.

  4. Caitlin Wilson's gold textiles are impeccable! I've been wanting to add a few gold embellished pieces around here :)

  5. Her textiles are absolutely amazing! And a big yes to adding gold embellishments... I'm going a little crazy with it at the moment! ;)

  6. Kristina, thank you! <3 I just ordered the scalloped pillow over the weekend... can't wait to get my hands on it!! xo

  7. Home decorating and personal style go hand-in-hand if you ask me, dearest V!! I tend to swing my focus from one to the other; sometimes, I'm all about pretty new pillows and vases...and sometimes, it's all about the shoes!! P.S. Do Sunshine's rainbow mice squeak?? 'Cause if they do, I need a set for my ferrets!! ;)


  8. You're right, they so go hand in hand. I love making my home and closet pretty!! ;) As for the mice? Aw, I wish they squeaked that would be seriously awesome... Sunshine loves sounds!! Wishing you a great week, Monika! xo


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