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Oct 24, 2014

What a wonderful and busy week it's been. I've been working on a few new projects, and loving it! How about a little update? Several months ago I started consulting for a few start up businesses. I typically do a review of their branding, blog strategy and social media campaign. Most recently, I started managing social media for an eco-luxury PR company. What fun, right?! On top of my blogging experience, I also have a degree in business, so this is absolutely feeling like a great fit. I'm excited to continue growing in this venture and eventually offer my services online too!

Photos from our week: 1) Our little Sunshine, love this tranquil portrait, especially because she's usually on the move! 2) Complete and utter splendor. We stared at the sky until the sun went down! 3) My new obsession, making prints and adorable graphics. 4) New pillows for the living room!

Mixing it up today and sharing my favourite "By The Shore" posts:

Working from home and a how to guide on staying inspired!
♥ Sharing my everyday make-up routine!
♥ Aw, haha, our first vlog. And pumpkin... breaks my heart he's no longer with us!
♥ My most asked blog question? My hair! I spill all in this post! ;)
♥ One of my fave outfit posts. Can't wait to wear this again for fall/winter, so cute, right?!

Inspired by: Growth, and keeping myself challenged. I just recently started taking a course on personal & business branding. Can't wait to share more with you!

On the horizon: Next week, I'm kicking off a fun new series on the blog. Tips on how to blog effectively, build your audience, create engaged content and work with sponsors. I'll also be following up each session with a vlog... where I'll be answering all your questions. Cant wait! 

14 sweet notes:

  1. What an exciting time for you! Your pictures are lovely, and I really like that print you made. Somehow, it makes me think of Spring and Winter :)

  2. Have a great weekend! I look forward to your post on building an audience - it's something I'm struggling with.

  3. Oh, have a wonderful weekend! I can't wait to read your post series, I've just finally started really getting more engaged with my blog and readers and all of that, so it'll be great reading how you work blog-wise!

  4. So glad you had a great week!! I love the photos you captured. :) Were you able to see the eclipse yesterday? I'm excited for your new series!

    xo Kimi

  5. These projects sound absolutely amazing!

  6. That Sunshine - what a cutie! I'll never forget when she poked her little nose out from under your couch, grabbed her treat and then snuck back to safety. Smart cookie ;) And my gosh, it's crazy how long it's been since you did that first blog, so fun to go back and watch it again. But even better will be seeing you in person again so soon!

  7. gorgeous!
    Nice new blog!

  8. Whoa, that print/graphic is just adorable! I love it :D
    Oooh, and can't wait to read this new series next week!

    The Dragonfruit

  9. i love that little print, and those pillows are adorable! have a nice weeken :)
    xo, cheyenne

  10. Can't wait to hear more about all of this! This new series is probably gonna be perfect for me (as all your blogging advices have been so far actually!) and congrats on this new work adventure, sounds exciting! Also thanks for taking care of my little blog, i'm so excited!!!! xoxo <3

  11. That black and white photo of Sunshine is frame-worthy, dearest V!! And your work with the PR company sounds very intriguing...looking forward to hearing more details, you talented girl, you!! ;)


  12. Ahhhh, you just take the loveliest pictures! It's really cool that you're starting to put together words and pictures to make prints! Are you gonna sell those on Etsy, too? Also, your cat is just the cutest!

  13. Gwen, oh my gosh, sorry for the late response! As for selling my prints on Etsy? No plans yet... so far I've just been making prints for fun and displaying them in our home + giving a few to friends!! And yes, isn't Sunshine a little darling? She's lying next to me and purring as we speak. Awwww!! xoxo


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