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Apr 17, 2013

I love discovering new to me designers as well as online shops. So, I thought this would be a lovely addition to the blog and something I could run once or twice a month. My current designer crush is APC. For this spring, I'm choosing to fill my wardrobe with timeless classics: trench coats, modern shift dresses, classic pants, and quality suede booties. The above pieces would work beautifully for that aesthetic. I love choosing well-cut modern classics because they offer versatility and never go out of style. You can shop the collection via Frances May which is a wonderful boutique based out of Portland, Oregon.

xo veronika

10 sweet notes:

  1. Oh V... on the one hand, I love this post, because I adore APC. But on the other, I so wish I hadn't seen this. There is an APC just down the street from my apartment {right next to Sandro!} There is no corner more dangerous for my bank account :) I try hard to stay away, and actually hadn't seen the APC collection this season... until now. And I officially want everything :)

    1. Agreed, very dangerous for the bank account. ;) I too want everything!! But, I'll have to restrain myself and only choose 1 or 2 pieces. Max! xo

  2. I LOVE APC. Their overall aesthetic is so timeless and I love how clean the lines are in their designs. I'd happily take everything here. :)

  3. Such perfectly polished pieces–I love them!

  4. I'd never heard of this designer before, but I'm digging their classic vibe. The pieces are totally you :)

  5. That dress is fabulous! I had never heard of APC before, but they have a lovely collection! xo

  6. These are all really great - I would wear all of it in a heartbeat!

    Courtney -

  7. looooveeeee!! and the print dress!


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