Apr 19, 2013

Lately, I'm feeling liberated. Life is blooming, taking shape and my mind is racing with new adventures + artistic pursuits. I'm learning to create space and time for myself as well as making it a priority to start healing my health and nurture my spirit. I'm learning a lot about nutrition and the importance of eating a protein rich diet to heal the body. Since I'm a vegetarian, I'm relying on things like protein supplements, quinoa, beans, tofu, nut butters as well as Greek yogurt. This week, I've also started working out. I'm running, going for power walks, doing yoga and hitting the gym. It's been incredible. I hope to write a post on nutrition and exercise soon. 

On the home front, Martin & I have been having conversations about marriage, our goals, and how we can support one another in making our dreams a reality. We're also feeling family ready and are praying that my health returns so we can plan for that... which has me excited for buying a bigger home. Probably something a little bit older as I'd love to renovate and design our overall space. I'm dreaming of this kitchen... open shelving, white cupboards and white marble counter-tops. Plus, it'd be fantastic to have a big spacious yard with beautiful trees & garden. Perfect for our pooch and so lovely for summer BBQ's.
xo veronika

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  1. All of this sounds so wonderful. Healing in both body and spirit. Hugging you from afar, and smiling at all your new prospects.

  2. This sounds wonderful V! Awesome that you are taking time out for you and taking care of your health! That kitchen is so beautiful and it is definetly you! Hope you and M have a great weekend♥

  3. your post is inspiring and sounds to me like you've got everything set and ready to take off into new growth. :) such a nice feeling
    kw ladies in navy

  4. It's nice to hear that you're feeling so well spiritually, V! I hope your body gets the memo and catches up quickly :) Your new workout routine sounds like a lot of fun, and with luck that will help, too. It's all about yoga around here these days and whereas maybe that's not getting me into fighting shape, it sure does make me feel great. Sending lots of positive vibes your way and looking forward to your upcoming nutrition post! As vegetarians, it's something we really need to be discussing constantly to make sure we're getting everything we need the best possible way. Hugs!

  5. i'm glad you're feeling better and happy that life is allowing you to relax and get back on track :) can't wait to hear your nutrition/exercise tips!

  6. I'd love to read a post on nutrition and such! I'm going to try a mostly vegetarian, organic, natural etc. diet this summer and it's always nice to hear stories from those who are doing their best to live a healthy life. :)


  7. Sounds so lovely :)


  8. Blooms make everything better! So glad it's looking less wintry.
    xo Annie

  9. What a perfect kitchen; I'd love one like that too... a girl can dream!


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