crescent beach

May 8, 2013

Now that our weather is heating up, Martin and I have been out & about and exploring our near by beaches. Living on the west coast means we have an unlimited amount of them to explore. One of my favourites is Crescent Beach in White Rock - it's lined with charming Cape Cod style homes as well as a few restaurants and ice cream shops. Heaven! It was a bit chillier and crazy windy when we went, but I can't wait to return on a hot day. Hopefully for a picnic. I plan on doing lots of those!

This week, I've found myself in a wonderfully chipper mood. I feel like life is settling and I have a nice little routine going with blogging, career and just life in general. I've been taking advantage of the warm weather and working on our patio - so lovely. And I'm finally hunkering down and working on a small jewelry collection which I hope to launch on Etsy in the next few weeks. My focus is on creating pieces which are modern, delicate and perfect for everyday wear. I'll keep you guys posted. Anyone else on Etsy?! Let me know... I'd love to pop by for a visit!

xo veronika

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  1. gorgeous beach scene. it looks like the beaches around here in washington - chilly!
    kw ladies in navy

  2. Can't wait to see your jewelry line, sounds like I'll be loving your pieces :)

    1. Aw, thanks lady!! Can't wait to get it all up & running! :)

  3. You know I'm a sucker for all posts that involve photos of Scout... even in the crazy wind with his fur blowing everywhere, he's just such a handsome little guy! Love. And these beach shots are just gorgeous; I actually prefer the beach in cold weather, there's something about the quiet and empty space that's just so lovely :) Happy Wednesday, V!
    PS: Excited to see your new jewelry designs!

  4. Lovely photos, your doggie is so cute! Looking forward to checking out your new jewelry designs :)

    What Lola Wants

  5. Hi Veronika! I've been following you for awhile at girl and closet, and I just want to say that I'm so glad that you've been happier and off to a fresh, new start still being able to do what you love. That beach looks absolutely beautiful, and I wish we had beaches where we live, but unfortunately we don't and we even got some snow last week! Thanks for always sharing such lovely pictures of your life with us


  6. lovely photos, your blog is so pretty :) xo

  7. I miss living by the ocean! Chicago has Lake Michigan, which is like a mini ocean with tons of beaches, but it's much different. These pictures are beautiful! I'm looking forward to seeing your jewelry line - how exciting! I have a paper goods shop on Etsy that is a side project for me (Bubby & Bean Art). It's so much fun. xo

  8. Beautiful photos! I can not wait for your jewelry to launch!! Glad things are going well with you! xo

  9. fresh ocean air can't be beat! what a fantastical day you 3 had, i love seeing the pics Veronika and how much fun Scout had while beachcombing.

    finding a new pulse here on your blog has definitely been the positively charged magic dusting that helped you switch gears and reposition in a soothing atmosphere. your day at Crescent sure proves that living "by the shore" has many awesome benefits :) i adore that area, my gf Jane was married right on the beach boardwalk.

    exciting news about your Etsy shop, can't wait to see what's in, literally! happiest Sunday eve wishes to you both, thanks for the note you left me. sorry i've been quiet, i figure after the next couple weeks things will level out some and we can finally have you guys over for a super overdue catch-up sesh!!! ♥

    ps: oh and Sean contacted a local breeder this week... we might be adding a Finnish Spitz into the fold sometime this summer!!!!!! when he told me he'd done that i started to cry immediately. he got all worried until i told him they were probably one of the happiest tears i've ever shed :) maybz soon we'll have a companion for Scout to go on walks with! xo

  10. Hi Veronika - So I am WAY behind on my bog reading and didn't even realize you had a whole new blog! I love it, and continue to look forward to your posts (via Bloglovin) I'm also looking forward to your new jewelry collection.


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