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Aug 29, 2013

Happy Friday, guys! I'm back with my "5 things i love" feature and happy to hear you enjoy these types of posts because I really love putting them together. I've been dreaming up all sorts of new inspirations for myself lately. In fact, yesterday I bought a gorgeous new artist's journal and I'm hoping to start scrap booking as a way to collect all my beloved inspirations. I'm excited, it'll be fun! In any case, here's a peek at what I'm loving lately...

1). I just ordered a beautiful Ikat pencil skirt from Cori Lynn's gorgeous shop. However, now I have my eye on this one too. Um, a pencil skirt with anchors on it? How unbelievably adorable! 
2). I currently have one tattoo but I'm hoping to get another. Since I'm still deciding on what I want... I thought I'd play around with this fun hand drawn camera tattoo from Tattly. So perfect for a photographer lover like me! 
3). This DIY is all kinds of fabulous. The gold polka dots are just the cutest + you could add them to anything... a canvas for your gallery wall, curtains or even throw pillows. Here's a link to the original post from the paper mama.
4). Is there anything sweeter than handwritten thank you notes?! I'm loving these ones from Moorea Seal's new shop and everything else for that matter! Moorea has curated such a stunning collection of items - be sure to take a peek. You won't be disappointed! 
5). My love for Madewell runs deep, very deep. And this cross body bag is so freakin' rad, I don't know what more to say. Love it, want it! 

16 sweet notes:

  1. Oh I love hand written notes. I have an entire vintage suitcase full of cards, but I might just have to make some room for these lovelies!

  2. I love that gold polka dot chair! I actually just saw a set like that and thought they looked a bit drab. Love how the polka dots liven it up!

    Ladyface Blog

  3. This pencil skirt is just beautiful and that polka dot chair? So pretty! I'm planning on trying some DIY project in my home this fall and that one would be perfect in my kitchen!
    Many kisses!

  4. What a lovely pencil skirt! Love the polka dot chair too...so cute!

  5. I always love these posts... they're just as fun to read as they are to put together. I share you love for Madewell, as you know, and that bag is just a stunner. Knowing that it's in a store very near where I am currenty typing this comment is killing me just a little bit ;) And as for that chair, I seriously do not think it could be any cuter! I'd love to see the results if you try the DIY yourself :)


  6. fiercest of 5's today V! it's always so cool to get the inside scoop on all the www intel you've collected and are smitten with :) i'm going mental over your new purchase - that skirt is absolutely fab!! you'll rock the hay-ell outta it and i can totally picture this look on you too. it's as if those long legs of yours were made to wear pencil skirts, so lucky!

    what a sweet diy on that retro chair. i've had my eye on some similar Etsy like embellishments to "help" Sean's office get a little more flare. um, not sure if he approves but we girls know best right?! haha! sharing the Madewell heart-throbs lades, it's the 1 shop i could go eternally shopping nuts in. happy long weekend to both you + Martin!!! xo


  7. I love doing five things series too - five things are a manageable amount for my brain to process and I actually find it really focuses my thoughts. I love the things you have picked! I particuarly like that handmade thank-you cards, what a lovely pattern. I would like to snap some up and write some to my favourite bloggers and send them some snail mail to say thank-you for their lovely comments! I also love that bag too - oh yesssss pleeeeeeeeeease.


  8. fabulous five! you have fantastic taste!

  9. looooove the chair tutorial! need to try that!!! and that skirt, can't wait to see you wear it.

  10. Love love love the anchor pencil skirt and the polka dot chair - such fab pieces!

    Kate xo petite-adventures.blogspot.ca

  11. You have a tattoo?! Come on girl, you GOTTA show us now! ;) But you know, having a tattoo on your inner arm might be a bad idea, because it means that it's impossible for hospital staff to put an IV in someone's arm if there's a tattoo where the veins are.
    Anyways, my favourites from those pictures are the adorable anchor skirt and that polkadot chair - I wanna do that diy when I have some time, it's so cute!

  12. Hey Gwen. Yup, sure do. It's a black star on the lower left side of my back. I'd like to add a few more to that same spot. Hopefully, I'll get the chance to take a little shot of it for the blog or instagram! Hope your Tuesday is super, girl! xo

  13. Tasteful swimsuit picture, anyone? ;) Your tattoo sounds cool, sounds like you have a vision of what it needs to be even more cool, I say go for it! This explains the star in your url thingie! ;)

  14. Wow, I love all of these things too! Especially that skirt and the chair!! Thanks for sharing :)
    xo Amy

  15. Your anchor skirt is perfect! I love all things nautical :)


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