Aug 2, 2013

ok, today i'm hitting you guys with a whack of birthday photos... i feel like i should write something profound or soulful to go along with this post. but, i've got nothin'! it's been such a busy work week for me (among other things) and i'm horribly brain dead. i need to plan a little getaway, i think. wine, a lake and yummy food is the way to my vacation heart. anywho, on with the birthday... on friday we visited my parents for a mediterranean inspired dinner (vegetarian for me) and it was so good. my dad is a sensational cook. did you know, my dad & i share the same birth date? how crazy is that??... double the fun, i say!
then on sunday, martin & i celebrated some more. we lounged in our pajamas and ate left-over birthday cake for breakfast (well, just me actually). high five. then we headed out to enjoy one of our favourite ocean-side trails... it’s a few steps from our home and pretty great. in the evening we hit up DQ (my guilty pleasure), enjoyed a patio dinner out + a movie. i gotta say, laid-back birthdays just might be my new favourite.
happiest weekend, friends. also... you may have noticed a few banner ads popping up on the blog. i took a little break from offering sponsorship due to a far too crazy work schedule, but i'm thrilled to be offering affordable advertising to companies which i'm passionate about. are you a shop or small business owner? take a peek at my sponsorship page or shoot me an email. i'd love to help you spread the word!
xo veronika

14 sweet notes:

  1. Sounds like a lovely birthday. Tell your dad from me he has awesome taste in T-shirts! How funny that you two share a birthday - it's like you were his very best birthday present! :)

  2. It looks like you had a perfect birthday!

    Courtney ~

  3. Happy belated birthday, V! It looks like you had the loveliest weekend - very low key but as we get older, I think that's exactly what we want on our special days; just some time to relax with people we really love. And cake and ice cream, of course. That sundae from DQ has me practically drooling on my keyboard :) Happy weekend!
    PS: Definite yes to a clothing swap in the near-ish future!

  4. Looks like you had such a great birthday! Laid back ones are my favourite too - just food and the cinema is good for me haha! Have a lovely weekend! :)

  5. Happy birthday!! Looks like such a great and memorable time :)

    The Occasional Indulgence

  6. Love...Love..Love these photos..looks like you and M had a great time! Happy weekend friend♥

  7. What a wonderful celebration–happy, happiest birthday!

  8. Beautiful photos! Happy Birthday!

  9. oh yahhhhhh to tippy-top b-days!! yours looked like a fabri cherry of beautiful birthday cake which is both fitting + perfect to describe your birthday-cake life. (fabri cherries are the BESTEST!)

    a HUGE debt of gratitude to the powers + protectors that be for keeping you in good health! it's of utmost importance, 'specially when you've been so busy and all too. i didn't know you & your Dad shared the same day - super crazy! well my (own bizarre) sibs and i go in succession from the 14, 15 & 16th but they're on a different month. still so strange when things line up in certain ways hey?!

    fab array of photos Veronika, i love seeing both your folks and of course Scout + Martin are tops on my list of best adored sightings!!! glad you slipped into DQ for a tasty treat, omg i could SO use something like that right about now. hey, thanks again for re-jigging the jig and moving our chat till next week. lots to report, all good as i know your news is too!!!!

    aaand so awesome to see shore taking off the way it has! you gotta be the proudest shop momma V - the last post was amazing. seeing your progress and the way your pretty pieces have been received has me bursting with joy for you!!! coveting so many HAWT items of yours that i'll probs have to sit on the cooling rack for days on end now :) happiest long weekend lovie! xo ♥

  10. Great photos! Your dog is SO CUTE and now I want DQ, which I haven't had in a million years!

    xo, Michelle

  11. is that a peanut buster parfait? (the best thing DQ has!) sounds like a fantastic birthday! happy belated :)

    1. oh my gosh, sure is!! are they not the best! Mmmm!! xo

  12. Looks like you had an AMAZING birthday! :)


  13. Sounds like such a wonderful birthday!!

    xo Amy


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