Aug 5, 2013

i think this might be the most outfit photos i've featured in a post since switching over to more of a lifestyle blog. truth be told, lately my love of fashion is returning and i've been missing my personal style posts more and more. oh well, i guess that's the funny thing about life and blogs... we're always going through different seasons and our goals are always changing and evolving. so on that note, i can't wait to do more regular outfit posts here on the blog.
as you can see, i'm happily living in maxis and favouring easy summer style this season. but i've got a few new fashion tricks up my sleeve come fall. i've been pinning outfits like mad and coming up with lots of fun & fresh ideas for the approaching season. not that i want to rush summer away. but fall has always been my favourite time for fashion and this year i want to make the most of it. can. not. wait!!
outfit details:
blazer - forever 21
maxi dress - old navy
necklace + bracelets - stella & dot
shoes - zara (fave studded flats... here & here)

25 sweet notes:

  1. I love your outfit post but I also love the more lifestyle feel to this blog!
    Little Sloth

    1. Aw, yay! Thank you Carlee that is honestly so nice to hear!! xo

  2. I think we're all a bit in the same boat right now, V - as much as we all love beautiful summer weather, long evenings outside and cocktails by the beach, there is something about fall fashion that is just so much more inpsiring. I guess maybe it has to be, to make up for the weather! But as long summer is around, we might as well make the most of it an embrace easy style - you can never go wrong with a good maxi, especially when its paired with a fabulous statement necklace, and yours is divine!

  3. You look lovely! That necklace is stunning!

    Ladyface Blog

  4. Hey, at the end of the day, you should enjoy whatever you choose to blog about! I like this look a lot, you are the queen of simple, stylish looks. It gives me a great idea for what to do with my own white blazer. And that massive necklace totally suits you, but I love the bracelet even more! :)

  5. this maxi dress looks great on you,and i love it paired with the white blazer and stella and dot necklace. Looking forward to seeing your fall inspired outfits♥

  6. very cute!! and that necklace is gorgeous!!!


  7. Love this look–the statement necklace is stunning!

  8. I'm really glad that you're coming back to outfit posts...I love your style! Very simple, elegant and casual at the same time (and that's not an easy thing to do everyday!) and you always add fabulous little pieces to spice up every outfit, like this incredible necklace! Love it!
    I also wanted to share with you my new blog post, since we already shared a few words and that subject, you'll find a little note for you somewhere...i really wanted to make you a little part of it since you have been a huge source of inspiration for me this last year... Thank you Veronika, really!
    Much love,

  9. I am always so pumped for fall fashion - my favourite time of year - and I can't wait to see what you have planned! And I'm glad to be seeing additional fashion posts from you these days, I always loved your style. And that necklace is amazing in these photos - what a great statement piece.

    Courtney - http://sartorialsidelines.com

  10. You look gorgeous, as always! Love love love the necklace and the shoes. I think a mix of outfit posts and lifestyle posts is perfect. :)

  11. I'm loving your outfit posts - you have the best casual/elegant style! Every time you wear those shoes, I swoon! And that necklace is killer!


  12. so funny, I totally do want to wish summer away. but that's because it just starts getting cool enough to walk around outside come fall over in Phoenix... boo. anyway, i suddenly want a maxi dress! but for real, i just did a brain scan to see if i have any or long skirts to wear like this, which i dont' recall ever doing before. great simple summer look! & i like the mix of posts, but then again i've never been strict on the themes i blog about : )
    Cuddly Cacti
    Mitla Moda

  13. Great black and white outfit ;) Lovin' ur hair!

  14. nothing better than a maxi in summer!

    p.s i'm here!!! until september. i hope we can hang out this time :) x

  15. Oh I totally get ya. I am looking forward to fall but at the same time trying to stop and enjoy this lovely weather while it's still here.

    This dress looks lovely on you! I love how simple it is, perfect for summer!


  16. Love how you added the white blazer to your maxi dress! Nice necklace too!


  17. your blog is unfairly beautiful, and you are a gorgeous lady!

  18. easy, breezy & I am crushing on that fabulous necklace!


  19. What a darling outfit! I love your necklace, what a stunning piece!

  20. damn, can't resist another gush over this super sweet outfit! i know my last monologue went a bit wild and long but just can't help myself and these tippy-tap fingers tonight :) gaaa, you maxi-maniac you!!! love the look and how you added the cropped jacket to break it up a bit. nice one V! old navy...here i come :)

    oh and what's this about the choppity-chop?! omg, pullllllllleeeeeeeeeeeze send me a sampling of the new do, excitement abounds!!! xl ♥

  21. I'm loving wearing maxi dresses this summer too! You look absolutely stunning between that gorgeous necklace and those amazing stud flats!

    xo jen
    Pearls & Lace

  22. I really love your outfit posts the most so please keep them coming
    K at www.beautystyleandgrowth.blogspot.com


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