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Sep 13, 2013

It's hard to believe it's time for another "5 things i love" post. Wow, where did the days go?! Even though I recently hurt my back, ouch, I've been working hard at keeping my workout resolutions going... I'm currently doing yoga 4 x a week & trying to run at least 3 x a week, and feeling really good as a result. Plus, I just picked up my bike from my parent's house and I've been biking on our nearby trails after work. Kind of the perfect way to end off summer if you ask me. Anywho, here's this week's crush-worthy items!...

1). I've been eying this necklace like crazy for the past few months, and I FINALLY nabbed one. I absolutely love, love Merl's jewelry of Clydes Rebirth. I swear, every piece is absolutely stunning. Plus, all the pieces are made from vintage & pre-loved materials... great for eco-conscious gals!
2). Just add tights & booties. Say hello to my fall uniform. How adorable is this dress?!... And what's more, the price is unbelievably fantastic. I just discovered Ark Fashion and can't wait to give them a try!
3). I recently pinned this photo because I'm kind of obsessed with Maggie's beautiful hair. I'd love to try lightening my tips for fall. We'll see, for now I'll just pretend this is my hair, k?!... 
4). Animal print ballet flats... swoon, these are the most perfect shoes for fall. Can't wait to rock these with my skinnies and retro inspired dresses. Just bought em'!
5). I love sprucing up our home with cute kitchen towels and these one's are too adorable. Love the black & white aesthetic + they're the perfect blend of modern/retro.

15 sweet notes:

  1. You always have the best weekly picks! I'd been eyeing that exact necklace (I think? There are two kind of similar ones) because it's called the Lena necklace and that's the name of my sister in law, who's getting married. I was thinking it would make a cute wedding gift. I still have some time before the wedding, I'm still thinking about it...

    Good going on the ballet flats, I have a similar pair and I wear them all the time. Such a good investment! And MAN, adorable tea towels, much! Though I'm surprised you didn't also spring for the camera one! ;)

  2. Animal print flats are definitely my fall go-to shoes as well. They look so cute with practically everything.

    Courtney ~ Sartorial

  3. Such a fun selection, V! I'm sorry to hear you hurt your back but I guess that has given you an excuse to sit back, relax and look for inspiration :) I can just pciture you rocking those leopard flats, hope they make their way into your wardrobe soon! And so looking forward to seeing you tomorrow, will be emailing later today.

  4. I totally agree with you on these four things - I love them all, too. Especially the flats... :) Good on you that you're sticking with your workout habit. I just decided to skip my class tonight a few minutes ago. Yikes. Too lazy today... :(

    Either way, have a great weekend. Can't wait to see how you pair those flats. xo.

  5. Love them all! You have great taste!

  6. Aw, haha, I was THIS close to picking the camera one. It's a tie really! ;) And yes, the ballet flats, right?! I'm pretty certain I'll be wearing mine all fall long!! Happy Friday, Gwen! xo

  7. Happy weekend to you too. Honestly? Sometimes it's so nice to take a break from working out... I'll be doing a lot of that this weekend! ;) Happy Friday, lovey!! xo

  8. Kristyn @ Milk + CrownSeptember 13, 2013 at 1:45 PM

    Those kitchen towels are adorable! Love the necklace too :)

  9. I love that dress. I used to shop at ark years ago when I was a student in York. X

  10. Oh my gosh! Love that necklace!


  11. such wonderful things.. loving your blog, as always!

  12. well, you sure can't kick a girl like you when you're down! you'd just kick right back and even harder, way to go on keeping up with the exercise regimen V...even with injury, you're still going strong! so awesome. and i do adore the 5 featured faves!! another etsy shop to put onto my ever expanding wishlist, love your necklace choice.

    Maggie's hair is amazing; i can totally picture you with honeyed tips...it'd be d-lovely for sure! yah to rad finds like these and taking me on some www explorations of my own.

    it was incredible to see you yesterday, a get-together with "the originals" was my own personal secret wish...glad it came true! wishing you a super relaxed Sunday with M & the furry's!!!! xo

    ps: here's the link to the Sony lens i was spouting off about, it's a tricked out thang...i LOVE: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VgihmrJg7cw


  13. Oh that dress!!! I discovered ARK recently too, they were fantastic for summer clothes when we had that freak heat wave. Those tea towels are also adorable, though I tend to avoid white ones as I'm an abusive tea towel owner (all spills are dealt with using the tea towel, and no amount of washing gets rid of certain kitchen stains :( ) xx


  14. Love the necklace! And those kitchen towels! So cute!


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