a late summer ocean-side date

Sep 5, 2013

This week has been undoubtedly clunky.

I say clunky because after having a week off, and having Martin home all summer (he's a teacher), I'm feeling, well, clunky. Getting back into my work routine hasn't been easy. Especially when everyday somehow ends up feeling like a Monday. Cruel, isn't it? And let me point out, the rain hasn't helped my predicament, at all!

But you know, I'm just going with it. There's no reason to fight such things. I'm finding comfort in my slightly longer lunch breaks. Usually, my nose is buried in a good book and I'm chowing down on my favourite curry, yam & tofu soup. Soup and books. Magically, they lift my tired spirits everytime. So, thank goodness for that.

On one of our days off, we took a lovely stroll to our favourite beach. Hence the photos. We were itching for sand, waves and some sun on our faces. Scout, the quirky guy that he is, ran into the water only a few times. He mostly prefers to stand at the foot of the ocean and bark at the dogs that are in fact brave enough to swim. Swimming envy? Who knows. We have yet to see our dog swim on his own accord. One day, one day, I'm sure.

Oh summer, I know we are all thinking it, but you will be greatly missed!

The only thing keeping me strong these days is the promise of fall shopping. My J.Crew and Zara online carts are well stocked. Bursting, really. But I know once the beauty of fall appears, I'll be swept away in all the season has to offer. I'm fickle that way. A girl of the moment, if you will. Winter though, winter I could do without. 

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  1. gorgeous scenery! hope the week gets back on track next week and you feel less clunky!

    kw ladies in navy

  2. Kristyn @ Milk + CrownSeptember 5, 2013 at 7:01 AM

    I've been feeling the same way; it's hard to transition from summer to fall. The colder months always feel a bit more serious. Glad you are finding the little joys in each day! I think books and soup (especially on rainy days) are sure to bring comfort! And a fun beach stroll doesn't hurt either ;)

  3. Jenn Agostinho-AlceeSeptember 5, 2013 at 8:05 AM

    Lovely photos V! i have to say i have been feeling clunky this week too:( boo to that! Love how you styled this dress..you look great as always♥

  4. Gorgeous photos! I'm pretty done with summer at this point (I'm just so tired of sleeping with fans on full blast!), but pumped about fall. I agree with you on the winter point though. I can think of very few redeeming qualities for winter!

    Ladyface Blog

  5. This looks like absolute bliss, V! I must admit, I know how you feel... trying to get back into routine is never easy, I'm currently struggling with it myself and especially with not actually being home, trying to maintain routine is even more of a struggle when I could be going out for ice cream, instead ;) Hopefully things will start to feel normal again soon. And In the meantime, I can't wait to see you next weekend!

  6. These images are beautiful, and this post is so evocative–I know just what you mean about a clunky week.

  7. These pictures are so serene love it!



  8. These photos are incredibly beautiful, girl! And I hope the clunkiness has subsided. I know that feeling. ;)

  9. This is simply stunning. I love these.


  10. These are such beautiful pictures! I know exactly what you mean by feeling clunky. My husband was home for five weeks this summer and then left for the band's tour for almost a month. It's always just a hard adjustment to go from seeing each other everyday to not seeing each other for weeks. It throws a wrench in my work schedule too. I hope your adjustment gets easier as the school year progresses! xoxo

  11. Such gorgeous pictures! And I know what you mean, I miss summer too! This nasty in-between season where it's just cold and wet, before we get the crisp air and pretty autumn leaves, is just meh. Maybe Scout is trying to warn the other dogs? "Get out of there, you mad dog, don't you know there are SEA MONSTERS?!" kinda thing? :)

  12. I could always do without winter haha, the end of summer is magical though! I try to savor the late sunsets and warm breezes as much as possible!

    applewood road

  13. Glad to know you enjoyed this lovely week off together, and I'm sure the following weeks will be a lot easier thanks to all the lovely things that comes with fall (I'm a child inside and jumping into a pile of leaves is my favorite treat in this season! I feel like a 5 year old, writing this down but I just love it!). And I couldn't agree more, we could truly do without winter (although, snow is quite nice actually...just one day a year and not in a city like Paris where it easily turns into a huge mess in every sidewalk!)
    Many kisses, and I wish you a lovely weekend dear girl!

    P.S: Also so happy that I won Sophie's giveaway on Her Library Adventures, thank you so much I'm really thrilled and so excited! <3

  14. Aw love your blog and LOVE your etsy shop! Your design aesthetic is so clean and seemingly effortless. It's gorgeous! I've been following Gaby's blog "This Little Port" for awhile now and she mentioned you in her latest post so I just had to stop by. So glad I did!

  15. Courtney, thank you for this lovely comment!! Such sweet words, I'm thrilled to hear you love both my Etsy shop & blog!! Aww! xo

  16. Yes, jumping into fallen leaves is the best. My favourite is watching Scout run & chase them - it's the cutest thing ever! And... I'm thrilled you won the giveaway. I'll shoot you an email in the next few days and ship out your chosen item! :D

  17. oh my gosh V, these photos have me going into a dream-like state! they are so beautiful and completely capture all the goodness that summertime (even the tale-end) has to offer!!! i love the shot of that kite in particular. it's the kind of floaty feeling i think i'm wishing for this weekend, been a rather tough week at work. urrrrrgh! but now the time has come to kick back a bit, we sneakily ordered swiss chalet for dins, can't wait till the doorbell rings and hot fixin's appear ready for us to devour :)

    this swell sighting has put my mind in a much better place to enjoy noshing even more! ha!!you guys have been on my mind all week and i hope the back to school routine is settling in for Martin plus the clunky times to take a swift turn to smooth soon too. DUDE! did you catch a peep at the torrential downpour yesterday?! i thought for sure our little townhouse was going down the drink. can't believe our crazy-ass weather, sort of like we're living in the tropics but with way less palm tree's and beaches.

    perhaps when "poppy" pup arrives we can attempt a swim sesh together? and if that doesn't pan out i know we'll have many joint walks to look forward to!

    couldn't help but giggle a bit when Sean & i were at "the location" we both know and love so well. i'd be thrilled to run into you there one time, fingers crossed! best of lucks on the font search & template insertion. sounds dramatic lovie, let me know when you need anything though. well, that's the end of my saga for the eve....doorbell just rang - happy weekend!!!! xo


  18. I always love your photographs. They make me feel so at peace and dreamy haha. I know what you mean about Fall shopping. I am so ready for Fall. I hope you can get back into your work routine gracefully. :)

  19. Your photos are gorgeous. I love the filter you use.

    I understand your need for sun. I fell asleep on the grass with my puppy today...not a bad way to spend a nice September afternoon. :)

    Glad you were able to enjoy your day off!



  20. These photos are stunning. It sounds like a lovely afternoon off. I share your thoughts about Winter but must say that I am pretty excited for the start of Fall! I can't wait for all the shopping!!

    xo Amy


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