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Oct 9, 2013

I'm excited to be sharing a few of my new pieces from my fall/winter collection for my Etsy shop, Shore. For this collection, I was drawn to a slightly darker as well as a more modern aesthetic... I'm loving the look of the black cable chain + I'm currently obsessed with chevron shapes in jewelry. Oh, and hey, in celebration of these new pieces, I'm offering a promo code of 15% off, code: HELLOFALL. Expires October 12, and is applicable on all sale items too. Yay!

13 sweet notes:

  1. sartorialsidelinesOctober 9, 2013 at 6:49 AM

    I just love these necklaces - so, so pretty!

    Courtney -

  2. I LOVE the raw crystal necklace! I may have to make a purchase this afternoon...

  3. LOVE the quartz necklace! But every single one of them is beautiful!

  4. Wow! That raw crystal is absolutely gorgeous!

  5. Gorgeous pieces! I really love the crystal necklace. So pretty!

    Ladyface Blog

  6. Jenn Agostinho-AlceeOctober 9, 2013 at 8:31 AM

    Beautiful pieces V! loving the new looks!! I want those earrings:) going to purchase today!!

  7. What incredibly beautiful ( and unique!) pieces these are V! I particularly like that one on the top left - I'm normally a bit averse to jewelery but when it's as simple and strong as this I think it's exquisite. And also masculine, in the best kind of way. Really, really, really good.I think I will point Jonathon to your Etsy store as Christmas rolls around, because that necklace on the top left with a plain black soft sweater and red nails would be beautiful!


  8. What lovely pieces, V! I've been so excited to see your fall collection and it certainly does not disappoint - I especially love the necklace is the bottom right corner, I'm such a sucker for the look of raw stones. Off to your shop to sneak a peek at the full collection. Happy Wednesday :)

  9. Done! Also picked up a set of earrings for a gift. Lovely pieces.

  10. ooh gorgeous, going to have a look now! x

  11. oh Olivia!!!! stolen my heart is what! i'm definitely drawn to chevron shapes, so funny, it's just what i happened to include in that email i sent you too. how's that for kismet?! yup, i think we're in alignment on so many things dear to our hearts :)

    V, every single item is a treasure. i adore the way you've blended the finishes; totally modernized and although there's an antique characteristic, there's also the sharp contrast of a completely current finish! bravo!!! xo

  12. These are so beautiful, lady! I'm obsessed! Perfect pieces for the season. P.S. Your blog design is gorgeous!




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