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Jan 31, 2014

Today, I'm popping in to chat and do a weekly wrap up. I might try to do this once or twice a month. We'll see! So this week has been a little up & down. Up, because the store's been doing great (yay!) and it's turning into a real passion of mine, as I knew it would. I hope for it to be much bigger someday. But baby steps, right?! I also photographed our home yesterday for an upcoming blog post (highly overdue) so that was fun. Plus, it forced me to spruce up the place. As I always joke with Martin, the joy of guests? It leads to a superbly fabulous & clean home. Perk! Another up, is we've been growing so much in our marriage and as a result shifting our priorities. I'll save that for another post though, you know, once I collect my thoughts.

As for the down? Well, my health has been a real pain this week. I'm currently waving my fists in the air! ;) I deal with auto immune issues and the first thing to go is usually my digestion. It's bad. But not all is lost. I'm regrouping and putting myself on a diet of smoothies, lentil soup and rice. It's my go-to and always restores my health. Unfortunately, it gets pretty boring and I inevitably miss our pizza & ice-cream dates. However, my motivation is good and strong. We're trying to start a family and it's my number one priority to be as healthy as possible. Another ugh, is my parents are going through a fair bit of turmoil; it's been a stressful year for them and in turn a difficult time for us.

Oh life, you're a beautiful beast. So many gifts & so many struggles. I'm staying positive though and keeping my life calm. I'm saying no, so I'm not spread too thin, but saying yes to the stuff that's good for my soul. Basically, I'm just trying to be. Lumps, bumps, warts and all. I'm happiest when I accept my life exactly how it is, and stay thankful for all of it. Happiest weekend, love cats!! xo

Friday links:

1) Whoot! I'm doing free shipping over at my shop for orders $25 & up, all weekend long! Code: freeshipping. Plus, I gave the shop a little Valentine's spruce up.

2) Love this awesome post from Jen of Jen Loves Kev. Without a doubt, the blogging community is the best, and I love being inspired by amazing gals like Jen!

3) Since I'm on a lentil diet until further notice, why not make it fun and experiment with new recipes, you know?! I can't wait to make this lentil meatloaf.

4) Dying over this dress. I'd wear mine with tights, booties, and my favourite pea-coat. Plus, I want this entire embroidered collection from Shop Ruche.

5) And... wanna see the cutest thing ever? Check out this little pup! Perfectly adorable, gush!

19 sweet notes:

  1. So glad your shop is doing well! I'm so inspired by your go-get-em-ness. (thats a word right?) It makes me want get going and pursue some dreams! Hope you are feeling better too :) Life has a way of balancing out!

  2. glad to hear the shop is doing so well veronika! i'm so sorry to hear this has been such a tough year so far for you and your family. it sounds like you are taking lots of positive steps to get your health in order and be there for your family. sending good vibes your way! xoxo

    Molly {Dreams in HD}

  3. Aw, thanks lovey!! Glad I can inspire your inner go-get-em-ness. I'm thinking, totally a word or so it should be! ;) And yes, chase those dreams!! It's incredibly rewarding!! xoxo

  4. first of all your puppy is perfectly adorable and looks like the best cuddler. sorry to hear about the lentil diet, but before you know it- you will be able to treat yourself :)

  5. Thanks, Erika. I'm currently bookmarking lots of lentil recipes. Turns out there super versatile! As for our pup? Oh my goodness, he's a total cuddle bean!! xo

  6. As you know, any post that includes Scout gets a thumbs up from me - I swear, he just keeps getting cuter! I'm so sorry to hear your health has been on the downswing, V, but here's hoping that the lentil diet gets things back to normal in a hurry. I mean, how frustrating! But you have such a positive attitude in spite of it all, and I really admire that. Wishing you and Martin both a wonderful weekend. I promise, I will email soon to arrange a drinks and appies night!

  7. I'm sorry you haven't been feeling well and that things have been a bit rough lately! I hope your lentil, rice, and smoothie diet gets you back in order soon and that everything else smoothes over as well. I'm also excited to see your house. I'll bet it's dreamy as can be!

    Becca | Ladyface Blog

  8. Shoegal Out In The WorldFebruary 1, 2014 at 11:55 AM

    I wish you all the best with your health issues & your parents... It is true that life always has its ups & downs, but you can only work through the difficulties & hop for the best...

    Have a great & relaxed weekend!!!

    xoxo Violeta, your Shoegal Out In The World


  9. I'm only just discovering your blog today, but already I'm in love with. Such cute photos. Hoping that you feel better soon :)


  10. Unfortunately, bumps in the road are a part of life, aren't they Veronika?! But I also firmly believe that without those proverbial "lows," it would be impossible to really appreciate the "highs!!" Just continue to do what you need to do to get back on track health-wise; after that, all the other challenges become a little easier to manage!!


  11. Thank you Monika! And yes, I too am a firm believer that it's the lows that help us appreciate the highs! Well said!! Hope your Sunday is a fabulous one and fingers crossed for lots of fabulous sun!! xoxo

  12. Hello Jennifer!! Thank you so much for your unbelievably sweet comment. I'm thrilled you find my blog, yay! And it's wonderful to meet you & your blog too!! xoxo

  13. I love your positive outlook. Life can certainly throw you a lot of curveballs, and I sincerely hope you start to feel better (physically and mentally) soon! You seem to be taking it all in stride. Congrats on your shop doing so well too!!

  14. Love the new look of your blog!!

    Could you do a post of your make-up essentials? I've noticed you're a bit of a minimalist in many of your posts, so what are some of your favorite tips, tricks and tools? Thanks!

  15. I'm so happy you're falling more and more in love with your shop, Veronika! All of your pieces are gorgeous and I love that it's becoming a bigger part of your life. So sorry to hear that you're not feeling so well. Auto immune issues definitely sound difficult and I'm sure you're doing your best to get through it all with a smile. If we lived closer to one another, I would definitely make you some really yummy soup (:

    Lace and Combat Boots | a life + style blog

  16. Oh pretty lady, boooo to autoimmune issues! I so get it. I hope you're feeling better soon! (And yay for the ups to counteract the downs!)

  17. I am just now catching up on blog reading from Friday since I was out of town over the weekend. I am sorry to hear that you aren't feeling so well. I hope that you are feeling back to your normal self in no time. On a happier note, your store is super cute and I am so happy for you that it is doing so well!

    xo Amy

  18. ohmyyy that puppy! adorable! and i hope you feel better soon!
    xo, cheyenne

  19. it's nice to hear that the store is doing well.. i'm so jealous of you right now because my dream store, until now is still just a dream. havent gotted around to putting it up. anyway good luck V!, oh and hopefully your health gets better, err the diet and stuff. take care~!

    xo, Carla


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