My Hair Care Routine

Apr 17, 2014

One of my top asked questions is what do I do to keep my hair shiny and healthy looking? A few years ago, it definitley came effortlessly to me but in the last year-ish it's something I've had to work at a little more. Dealing with auto-immune and malabsorption issues means I don't get all my needed vitamins. Um, which sucks. But thankfully there's a bevy of awesome products that can help you fake it 'till you make it! ;) So, with that said, here's my hair routine...


STEP ONE: Shampoo and condition. I'm not picky about my shampoo, I use whatever is lying around, but I love a good conditioner. And the one I'm currently using, Herbal Essences Moroccan My Shine, is awesome. It's made a huge difference, and leaves my hair feeling & looking incredibly silky. Honestly, it's like a new head of hair. Sold! Plus, the price can't be beat!

STEP TWO: I spray on a little bit of my TIGI S Factor Seriously Straight on towel-dried hair. It detangles, moisturizes, helps fight frizz and keeps my hair from turning all wavy & crazy until my next shampoo. Perfect for girls with blunt bangs, which I'm thinking of doing again. We'll see.

STEP THREE: After a quick blow-dry, I straighten my hair using my NP Group Ceramic Flat Iron. It has ceramic plates and uses negative ion technology, both of which leave my hair smooth and silky. I've used other high quality straighteners and this one is miles apart. I definitely recommend it.

STEP FOUR: Refresh wine glass. Haha yes, spa nights always lead to a few glasses of wine. For my final step, I apply a dime sized amount of Morrocon oil to dry hair. I know most people use it on wet hair but I like to use it to tame any flyaways and condition my hair, especially my ends.

► Lastly, once a month I use Ojon Restorative Hair Treatment. I started using it last year after my hair was getting pretty damaged, and it saved my hair! I apply it in the morning, pop my hair in a top-knot (perks of working from home) and then rinse in the evening. Have any hair questions? Leave them here or tweet me! xo

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  1. Thanks for sharing this Veronika! Your hair is gorgeous!

  2. Oh V, as you know, I can totally sympathise with once manageable hair turning into a challenge - although for me, the biggest challenge lately has been looking back at old pictures and hoping my mane recovers to its former glory. And good hair products go a long way! I was converted to La Biosthetique's line of natural hair products in the fall - at the time they only worked marginally better than anything else but six months later, there is no comparison; they are far and away the best I've ever used. Although I must admit, anything that comes in a blue bottle from Herbal Essences is a close second! Happy Thursday, lovely.

  3. love this post!! i never thought herbal essences such a great products..singapore have this brand too,mostly i can found it in local drugstore and supermarket.i'm going to try out too..thanks for recommend.

    xo josephine

  4. i love that Morrocon oil, leave your hair so silky. i'll have to give that herbal essence a try too, thanks!
    xo jac

  5. I have had that same flat iron for nearly 10 years and it is still the best one I have ever used! Also, you cant go wrong with Moroccan oil! Lately I have been mixing it with water and some lemon juice now that the dry winter is nearly an end. Easier to distribute on the hair and get that bit of moisture when you don't need as much.

  6. I'm way late to the game but I think I need to try this Morrocan Oil!!

  7. I'm so excited that you shared your hair care routine with us, Veronika! My hair has been feeling a little all over the place since the weather has been so crazy in New York, so I've definitely been looking for a little help in the hair department. I plan on picking up the Herbal Essences conditioner soon - great products at a great price make me so happy!

    Lace and Combat Boots | a life + style blog

  8. One of the great things about short hair like mine is that there's never a chance for it to get overly gets cut off before that happens!! But I've had long hair before, too, dearest Veronika; and unless you're genetically gifted, there's usually A LOT of work involved in making/keeping it healthy!! You are doing a fabulous job!! :)

  9. Have followed your blog for a long time. I enjoy your honesty. So many blogs are just one big fabulous has ups and downs...which you reflect. You mentioned that you are thinking of going back to bangs, while you are always lovely, the bangs add such a statement if you can pull them off...and you can! Lorrie

    1. Aw Lorrie, thank you! I definitley believe in sharing the good and bad. I'd hate for anyone to think my life is perfect!! Wishing you a wonderful week! xoxo


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