Daily Wears: A Simple & Black Summer

Aug 19, 2014

This week, I hope to be back to business as usual on the blog. While my wrist & leg aren't doing great... I am learning to manage it a bit better. Definitely no fancy photo editing for me though. This particular health issue is teaching me to be quick and speedy in my work. Not a bad thing as I tend to be a perfectionist. So, it would appear, there is a zen like lesson waiting for me here. Although, the workaholic in me is not impressed. At all!

As for fashion this summer? I've been all about the black. I've worn this dress pretty much every day and remixed it a million ways! For this month, I plan on doing a few more outfit posts, hopefully ones with more colour! ;) And fall!! I'm getting excited. I have plans to dye my hair in the next week or two... and I have a few blog improvements up my sleeve as well. Don't I always?! Haha, yup!

shop the look:

Cardigan: Target (similar)
Dress: H&M (similar & gorgeous)
Cross-Body: Winners
Earrings: Stella & Dot
Shoes: Zara (get em' here)

25 sweet notes:

  1. I hope that your health will improve fast enough... I'm the same like you, perfectionist and workaholic, so taking things slow or doing them as quick as possible can be quite a "task" to deal with, but sometimes we just need to let go a little bit and take care of ourselves.


  2. adore the cardigan! i hope you start to feel better soon! :) be sure to rest up

    Ladies in Navy

  3. Such a sweet look! And I So hope you keep feeling better, girly! Hopefully the fall will bring beautiful new changes! :)

  4. Love your simply and chic looks. Aren't neutrals the best? I'm glad to hear you're feeling a bit better. We miss you but of course we all want you to take care of yourself first. :)

    XO Alison

  5. this simple and black summer is a simple and black STUNNER! :) you look amazing!

  6. Jenn Agostinho-AlceeAugust 19, 2014 at 8:50 AM

    Love the simple black dress! You look fab as always:)

  7. such a perfect look veronika. i love how effortless your style is...you always look so fresh, dewey, and lovely :)

  8. So simple and classic! And I love those shoes! I'm sorry your wrist and leg still aren't doing great, but I love that you're looking at the bright side. I can't imagine living with that. I would be driven crazy, haha!

  9. Oh V, you know how I feel about a good all black ensemble and this one is just perfect. I love the look of the fine slouchy cardigan layered over your black midi dress, especially in combination with those fabulous studded flats - so many textures in one look! And combining textures really is the art of monochrome dressing, I think :) Glad to hear that despite your wrist and leg issues, you're managing to find ways to cope. but still sending healthy thoughts your way!

  10. i always adore your fashion sense and every outfits looked so comfy and easy-going.really enjoying reading your blog here.and hope you will get healthy soon,though i'm not sure what is happening to your health.
    xo josephine c.

  11. what a lovely dress! so simple and stunning. i really really like the length of the dress :) and i'm familiar with that zen lesson from having to be less a perfectionist due to other (health) issues.. it can be so good, and driving me insane at the same time ;)
    xo, cheyenne

  12. Bahaha, I know, it's too easy to just wear black and white for me lately - those colors are just effortlessly cool! For example, this dress <3

    Hope your perfectionist isn't going crazy - just gotta get in touch with your zen girl ;)

    Haha, can't wait to see what this week brings from you!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  13. Grace, thank you. I'm counting down the days to feeling better. And yes, fall, change, bring it!! Happiest week to you sweets!! xo

  14. Natali, thank you. I SO appreciate your sweet words. And yes, slowing down and not working is incredibly hard for me. Especially because I'm so passionate about what I do. Happiest week to you, lovely girl! xo

  15. You look so pretty! I'm excited to see what new posts you have coming up! Fall has been my inspiration right now, if only it wasn't 90 degrees here in So-Cal! hahah


  16. You already know how much I like black for the summer, dearest Veronika!! ;) And I can totally imagine how versatile this dress is; different layers, different shoes...and suddenly, you have a whole new outfit!! I'm really glad that you felt up to doing another outfit post (always my fave!)...now I'm looking forward to seeing your new 'do!! P.S. These studded sandals make me drool every time!! XOXO


  17. The perfect look for late summer afternoons!

  18. such a pretty simple look. i'm so glad you're back to blogging!

    xo jac


  19. lorrie%ambitious.caAugust 21, 2014 at 6:36 PM

    This is one of my favourite looks, you look beautiful! Hope you feel better, truly enjoy your blog. Would love to see some of your fall fave beauty products...one of the seasons I enjoy the most...

  20. Super cute shoes! I love this look :).


  21. Lorrie, thank you so much!! <3 As for my favourite fall beauty products?! I hope to do a review of my make-up and skin-care soon. Happiest weekend, love! xo

  22. your blog is so beautiful! love this outfit

    from helen at thelovecatsinc.com // blog sale

    ps. enter my £300 rayban and beauty goodies giveaway! click here.

  23. I've been behind on blog reading and loved coming over here to read that you're doing a little better! This look is perfection on you! So timeless. xoxo

  24. I am so sorry to hear about the health issues. It's never an easy thing to not feel your best. But, it seems like readers and fans of your blog are loving the content all the same (fancy editing aside). You look absolutely fantastic. I am so happy that I stopped by. I love your entire look and feel. It's simply beautiful! XOXO

  25. Tiana, thank you so much for you lovely compliment and sweet words... it's wonderful to meet you & your beautiful blog. Happiest Tuesday, love!! xo


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