Happy Thanksgiving & Thank You!

Nov 26, 2014

{image via: instagram}

Well, it looks like during times of emotional duress (aka dental surgery)... I turn to blog design instead of food. Ha! But it was meant to be - because I love the end result! I've been meaning to create a "seasonal" feel & interchangeable image/banner for the blog, and this is perfect! As for my impending dental surgery? Firstly, many thank you's for all your sweet words! I've been officially booked in for Tuesday, and yes I'm a ball of nerves, but mostly I can't wait to have it all behind me. Silver lining, right?! And of course, hey US friends, Happiest Thanksgiving! Whether you'll be with friends, family or your fur babes... I wish you a day of rest, wonderful food, and lots of love!

xo veronika

12 sweet notes:

  1. Oh my gosh, I'm dying over this new design!! It's so beautiful and perfect for winter. Best of luck with everything too!! x

  2. The new look is absolutely stunning–and I'm sure it was the perfect project to keep your mind occupied!

  3. Love your new design, changes always make us feel new and better! Your blog is lovely! I'm wishing you all the best, from the bottom of my heart! <3

    Diana P. | Cups & Roses

  4. It looks beautiful, Veronika!! I am actually on the hunt for a seasonal design makeover as well! I hope your dental surgery goes well. I've been putting off having my wisdom teeth removed.... that will surely bite me later on down the road! Eep. <3 Good luck!

  5. Love what you did, it looks beautiful! Have a happy Thanksgiving!


  6. Hello pretty blog redesign! I love the way you're always changing up your space, V - it keeps things so fun and interesting. Glad to hear your surgery is scheduled, even though I know you're nervous about it, I just know it's going to go smoothly and all will be well. Happiest Wednesday, my friend! So good to see you on Friday, we must do it again soon.

  7. It will be SUCH a relief to have the dental issue behind you, dearest Veronika...and in the meantime, it's really good that you're able to keep yourself distracted!! The latest blog design?? Fab...and I expect nothing less!! ;D


  8. I love the new design! It's festive without being too much, you know?
    Good luck with the surgery- I had my wisdom teeth removed last fall and it wasn't nearly as bad as I expected.

    xx Nina

  9. Oooh, yes yes and more yes to this new winter design! I love it and am interested to see what the other seasons bring :)

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  10. Gorgeous design darling! I'll be thinking of you on Tuesday then and happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

  11. it looks so, so great! have a lovely weekend. :)
    xo, cheyenne


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