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Jan 13, 2015

What a week!! Heck, what a month... it's no surprise I'm reaching for simple classics these days! Martin & I are possibly looking to sell our condo in the next month-ish and have been busy meeting with our bank, realtor and viewing homes. It's super exciting, but also, wow, extremely exhausting! And so, here we are, neutrals and simple outfits. Who's with me?!

Photos: Shore Photography

Scarf: Gift (similar)
Sweater: Zara (similar)
Shoes: Aldo (similar)

As for the outfit? I wore this to a quick afternoon meeting. I'm currently OBSESSED with slouchy sweaters and chunky knit scarves. Plus, I can't wait to re-wear this look with leather leggings and sleek black booties. Ah, sounds so good!! Also, 2015, more outfit posts. Who's excited?!! ;)

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15 sweet notes:

  1. you look so cute! love that sweater and your pretty jeans!
    Ladies in Navy

  2. Simple and very cute outfit!


  3. I love that sweater and scarf combo and can't wait to see it with the leather leggings you speak of!

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  4. You look adorable—not at stressed or harried at all! Good luck with the home stuff.

  5. You know I'm TOTALLY with you in the neutrals game. I love that cozy cowl and the soft-looking sweater! Good luck on the condo selling!

  6. You look so chic and comfy. I love this look and i too am all about the neutrals!

  7. perfect outfit! you can never go wrong with neutrals, they're my favorite at the moment as well. good luck with the house hunting! how exciting. :D
    xo, cheyenne

  8. Girl, I feel you! I haven't mentioned it to anyone in the blogging world yet but my hubs and I are getting ready to put our home on the market too...and we haven't even lived in it for a year! Stressful! I've been getting really bad poison oak from our property and we want to move closer to family. Anyways, I wish you all the best as you move forward with everything! Love your simple outfit!


  9. I really like this outfit- especially that sweater. I love oversize pieces and anything a little on the drapey side. We definitely have that in common :)

    And I'm definitely excited for more outfit posts, they're my favorite!


  10. Wait - no wonder you're exhausted, you're planning to sell your place within the next month?! V, that is a crazy ambitious turnaround time. That said, simplicity always looks so good on you. I'm pretty sure I own all of the pieces of this look, or at least something similar, and you'll probably be seeing me wear some version of it soon. I've been all about jeans and sweaters lately - so comfortable but still stylish! Happy Tuesday friend!

  11. Neutrals forever! You look lovely, as always. Robbie and I have been talking about moving out of our townhouse this year and into a bigger home with a yard for Essley. Even the thought of doing that this year scares me - you are a rockstar to do it in a month! Looking forward to hearing more. xoxo

  12. I agree wholeheartedly - it's all about classics and neutrals nowadays! Aha, nice use of yours, and extremely cute :)
    Wow, good luck with selling your condo! Sounds like quite a job, but it'll be worth it.
    Whoohoo, more outfits, yes! :D

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  13. Simple is NOT synonymous with boring, dearest Veronika...especially when you add accessories like your classic pumps and that cozy infinity scarf!! P.S. Oh my gosh, you're doing it!! You're buying a house!! I'm super excited for you...and looking forward to hearing all the amazing details!! XOXO



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