January Must Have's!

Jan 8, 2015

A new year, naturally, means fashion resolutions - am I right?! As such, for January and beyond I'm focusing on quality over quantity. And... I'm also ridiculously obsessed with cream, grey, gold, blush and black at the moment. It's invading my home decor and my closet. Bring it on, I say! What are your fashion resolutions for 2015?!

* Also, for the pricier items?... I've included budget friendly links! Happiest of Thursdays, friends! xo

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  1. These are all so beautiful. Dying over those flats!! x

  2. I'm so with you, V! I've been focusing on quality over quantity for the past few years (although lately, it seems to be both quality and quantity - oops!) and my wardrobe has never been better. As for colours, I think we're on the same wavelength. I've been all about grays, black, white (and always), as well as cream and blush lately. I just love winter pastel shades and I have to admit, I would not say no to those Valentino flats!

  3. Love every single piece!!! Especially that sweater, so gorgeous! I do agree these are the colors i'm also very attracted to this season and my fashion resolution this year is to build a minimalist wardrobe so i'm selling a lot of my clothes and accessories to start fresh (and also to make room in my tiny home for my man to move in soon!). If you're ever interested here is the link to the shop! http://sevenclothesandmore.tictail.com/
    And i have to say, of all the different blog design you've made, this one is my absolute favorite!! Very clear and fresh and pretty, love it, very you darling, chic and lovely! :)

  4. Wow, love this color palette and EVERYTHING in this post. I love those flats--I have such a hard time committing to expensive designer items unless it's on clearance, but I also want to stop buying ten pairs of crappy shoes when I could just have one really nice pair!

  5. Love these especially that sweater!


  6. I've been finding myself "investing" a little more in quality basics, too, dearest Veronika...but I'm such a shopper that I don't think I'll ever be able to give up my cheap fashion thrills entirely!! And I truly believe that it IS possible to find well-made pieces in a lower price point...just as it's possible to see poorly-made items in designer lines!! P.S. Your cozy sweater pick is absolutely delicious; I LOVE those nubby details!! XOXO


  7. Mmmm, everything's so light, pretty, and chic! I want that statement necklace *_*
    Haha, and yes to fashion resolutions!

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