Weekly Wrap Up

Mar 20, 2015

Hello friends, let's wrap this week up. Yeah?! It's been an amazingly full & fun week. We're getting so close to our move and my business has been buzzing lately. On Wednesday, we excitedly did our walk-through with the developer. Then, later that day my parents popped by to view the showrooms with us, plus we did a walk around the neighbourhood. It's looking sooo pretty over there... the magnolia trees are in bloom and the area is so serene & chill - which I love! 

Photos From Our Week: 1) A sneak peek of our new home. 2) Neutrals and sandals. My forever crush! 3) Hung out with the cutest little family and did newborn photos 4) Working on several fun blog projects & collaborations!

Links, Check Em' Out!

♥ Following all the fun for Texas Style Council on Twitter.
♥ Want these shoes so, so badly!
♥ Can't wait to set up my new office and this one is the perfect jumping off point.
♥ 44 office organization hacks!
♥ My fave homemade sweet potato chips!

business goals: I'm embarking on several expansions for my business and can't wait. Firstly, I hope to move the blog to squarespace so I can house all of my businesses under one roof. It's been a long time coming and very needed! Then, there's the new office space + I'm looking to hire someone to help me run things around here. I'm one gal and most days I'm feeling pretty over-run. So yeah, good stuff!

on the horizon: Moving and home decor. That is all my brain seems to be thinking about. If that wasn't obvious! ;)

13 sweet notes:

  1. I definitely needed the organization hacks for the office. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Congrats on your new home! New beginnings are always exciting! PS I love dark hardwood floors, can't wait to see it furnished! Happy First Day of Spring!!


  3. Aw yay, glad you liked the office organization hacks. Love so many of them and can't wait to implement my faves. Happiest Friday to you, lovey!! xo

  4. Thank you so much!! <3 Me too, dark hardwood floors are such a fave and I'm loving all of the fresh ideas that are coming with the new space. Happy spring to you too, sweet girl! xo

  5. Eeee, your walk through much have been so exciting! I can't wait to see the new place - and get some inspiration, because since we last got together, we found out that we can actually sell our place as early as the end of this year, so we're jumping on the new home bandwagon, too. We probably won't be buying again but still, the possibilities. So exciting! Happy Friday, lovely V :)

  6. Cee, that's so exciting. How fun you guys will be house hunting too. Can't wait to see what you end up with... Lynn's moving too. We'll have so many new places to visit. Yay!! Happiest Friday & weekend to you!! xo

  7. Wow, you are really busy Veronika! But it's a good thing, because that must mean you're successful :D Haha, good luck girl! You've got this >:)

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  8. Those wooden floors are a dream, I hope the move goes well!

    Tessa at Bramble & Thorn

  9. wow, your blog is doing so well. Congrats! I am still trying to find my way and nitch. Still I hope to continue towards a more focused path in this cosmos of blogging :)

  10. Ooh love the sneak peek! And neutrals + sandals are the best. (Sandals, yay for THAT!)

  11. Sweet potato chips sound delicious!

  12. I'm very excited to see your new home! And good luck with expanding your businesses! I feel like right now is a time where so many people are pursuing their dreams which is awesome and I can't wait to see your office.

    xx Nina

  13. I wouldn't mind lining up the entire Valentino "Rockstud" collection in my closet, dearest Veronika!! Plus a new home and office, a business expansion...AND an assistant?! I'm impressed..and very happy for you!! XOXO



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