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Sep 19, 2014

This week, Martin & I are doing a BIG ol' happy dance. After 4 long months of teacher strikes, the union has finally settled and Martin is returning to work. Yes! We're feeling very relieved and like a huge weight has been lifted off our shoulders. Granted, we made it work, but it's never easy being down to one income. Especially since mine's so varied. In any case, upward! We have big celebratory plans for this weekend... off to our favourite Japanese restaurant and then a little quality time at Target. Ya feel me?! ;)
Photos from our week: 1) Finally decided on a hair colour and love, love it! 2) The new template went live last week and the response from readers and sponsors has been amazing. Thank you! 3) Met Lynn's new pup, Tommi and fell in love! 4) Enjoying a little fresh air and outdoor therapy. We love our nature time!

Favourites from around the web:

♥ Just rearranged my pinterest boards and added several new ones. Check em' out!
♥ This folk art cake just might be the prettiest thing I've ever seen.
♥ So needed to hear this today.
♥ This lace cardigan is a dream.
♥ Uploaded a new blog design for Jacqueline of The Sweetness + working on four more templates for October!

Inspired by: All things fall! I'm planning a pumpkin picking outing with girlfriends, photo-shoots for the blog + dreaming up new decor for our home. Can't wait to spray our pumpkins white and gold, add acorns to a few over-sized hurricane vases and dress up our mantle. I love switching up our home each season. So fun!

On the horizon: Getting my you-tube channel back up and running. I'll be working on monthly favourites and beauty tutorials. I'm super stocked! If there's anything you'd like to see... let me know! xo

23 sweet notes:

  1. Very excited about your YouTube! I'm also so excited for pumpkins...lots of pumpkins!!

    Lou x

  2. Love the color you chose for your hair. I'm looking to go darker again for the fall. Can't wait to see what it looks like on you!
    Jyoti @ whatjocraves.com

  3. yay! such good news lady!


  4. Oh wow, didn't know you guys were down to one income! Glad to hear things are working out now though :)

    And hehe, quality time at Target...yup, I know all about that...

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  5. Congrats to you & Martin! That's such good news! And I'm stoked to see more of your youtube videos! You should do one on how you get your bangs so perfect :)

    http://www.rachellately.com/ | Austin Life + Style Blog

  6. I love that cake! The new template looks great, it's so fresh and airy but the header adds a lot of personality.

  7. We are feeling the exact same way around here, too! SO relieved. Doing happy dances all over the place! Celebrate well this weekend- I think we will be as well :)

  8. SO glad the teacher strike is over and Martin is back to work!! That must have been quite stressful. Target is the best de-stresser, I've found. ;)

    xo Kimi

  9. The new template looks AMAZE-BALLS! Enjoy the celebrations :)

  10. Yay! The strike is over! I've been following along all the way over here in England, and I'm glad to hear that things will be picking up again (although I'm sure the kids have LOVED being out of school this long).
    I hope you enjoy your Target trip & your date night to celebrate! I think taking the time to celebrate is so important :)
    Your new blog design is incredible by the way - I love it!
    Keep well!

  11. Hello Ms. Carley all the way from England!! <3 How are you and your hubby settling?! I imagine it must be absolutely beautiful over there! And yes, so excited to get out and celebrate this weekend, yay!!! xo

  12. Aw, lovey thank you! Happiest weekend to you + loved your post on "must see" movies!! Adore Bill Murray! xo

  13. Isn't that cake something?! A total work of art. And thank you for the blog template compliments. This one's a keeper for sure! Happiest weekend to you, lovey!! xo

  14. Rachel, thank you!! We are definitley elated & over the moon about the teacher strikes being over. 4 months. Oh man!! And done, I'll do a video on my bangs for sure... can't wait!! xo

  15. Loves, thank you. I hope to have a video up in the next two weeks. And yes, pumpkins, pumpkins, LOTS of pumpkins!! xo

  16. You know it, that Tommi is the cutest pup around!! He's such a little chill cuddle bug and has the total puppy clumsies. My favourite! Happy weekend, girly!

    PS That hike you did looked unreal. What beauty!

  17. Natali, thank you! What kind words! <3 And right back at ya, wishing you a fabulous weekend!! xo

  18. Oh my gosh...little Tommi sure is a cutie-pie, isn't he?! And I was thinking of you when I heard that Vancouver's teacher strike is finally over; I can only imagine how relieved you and Martin must be feeling!! A celebration via sushi and Target sounds like just the ticket to me!! XOXO


  19. I can't wait to see your videos!!! And isn't having red hair the best? I might go brighter with mine. Yours (I saw on Instagram) looks so beautiful with your skin tone!

  20. HURRAH! Although this is a bit late, I think that a big old cheer needed to be let out for the end of the strike. I mean, really. I know you guys made it work but what a tough and frustrating situation; I'm so glad it's finally come to an end! And oh gosh, that photo with Tommi - seems like so long ago already, our favourite little fur baby has probably grown into a little gentleman since then!

  21. It was hard work haha, but worth it when I got to the top (shame I forgot to charge the camera). Awww he is super duper cute. Making me all broody for a pup x x


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